Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Proposal: Change to Parts

S-K. Consider myself unidled (Quorum still 6) while I’m admining Proposals.—Chronos

Adminned at 13 May 2007 04:16:00 UTC

Proposal to amend Rule 2.3.1 “Parts” as follows:

Replace the text:

Effect: A description of changes to the “Machine Variables” wiki page.

with the text:

Effect: A description of changes to the Gamestate (other than the Ruleset and any statistics tracked in the GNDT) that will be given effect upon the Initiator requirement or requirements being satisfied.  Particular effects may be conditioned upon the existence of particular Gamestate circumstances (such as, for example, particular Parts having particular Locations or States).




05-09-2007 15:59:16 UTC



05-09-2007 16:08:43 UTC



05-09-2007 16:50:06 UTC

Does nothing, currently Effect does not read Changes to “Machine Variables” or shouldn’t.  It was changed with the death of the variables.


05-09-2007 17:05:12 UTC

Good point.  I would fix, but expression engine is not letting me do a new post.


05-09-2007 17:08:09 UTC

against SELF KILL (see fix in a separate proposal)