Thursday, July 10, 2008

Character Sheets - Test version 1

Create a new Dynastic Rule “Character Sheets” with the following text:

There exists a wiki page Character Sheets that is considered a gamestate document.  This page contains a list of all Active Adventurers and the name of their Character..  The default name for a Character is the same as the Adventurer that possess that character.  If an Adventurer’s Character Name is the same as their Blognomic Login they may change that name to any other name, excluding the names of any Adventurers.  In the event that an Adventurer joins Blognomic with the same name as another Adventurer’s Character Name, then that Adventurer’s Character name reverts back to the Adventurer’s Blognomic Login.

If a majority of the counted votes contain the phrase Alignment Spread add the following to the end of the Dynastic Rule 2.3 Alignments:

If at any time there is an Alignment that no Active Adventurer has, then any Active Adventurer my change their alignment to that alignment.

Comments? Thoughts?



07-11-2008 00:07:32 UTC

Alignment and exclusivity don’t philosophically mix well, in my opinion.


07-11-2008 00:29:00 UTC

The second part is merely a way of allowing us to cover our bases in alignments.  ABasically if no one is lawful Evil, then someone may change to lawful evil, should they so wish.


07-11-2008 00:59:36 UTC

I mean that alignment conveys the idea of being on the same side as someone else - being of similar alignment tend to war less and work together more.

Encouraging players to spread out and cover all the alignments seems against the whole point. Factions maybe, but not alignment.


07-11-2008 01:02:56 UTC

It doesn’t encourage exactly.  Instead it allows us to spread things out more should we so choose.

I personal would prefer not to see factions, but to instead merely have alignment.


07-11-2008 03:13:51 UTC

Typographical mistakes and unnecessary wordiness aside, I think the first part is great.  I am not quite sold on the second part, though.  But I can be persuaded.