Thursday, February 08, 2007

Proposal: Charity Work

Failed by Hix

Adminned at 09 Feb 2007 13:51:26 UTC

By performing as an extra in a film an Actor my remove a single Gossip Story from eir biography.



02-08-2007 21:49:37 UTC

Based on the idea that an Actor would have to waste eir performance on a role as an extra rather than a staring role.


02-08-2007 21:56:24 UTC

against Add to the Ruleset, so we don’t forget!  I would also suggest tightening up the language, so that instead of “By performing as an extra…” you say “When an Actor adds a role of Extra to eir own Filmography…”


02-08-2007 22:03:00 UTC

against As Hix.


02-08-2007 22:15:59 UTC

Per Kevan against


02-08-2007 22:19:58 UTC

Is there a way to retract a proposal? Or declare it failed myself?  So I can re-propose a new one with better wording?


02-08-2007 22:20:09 UTC

against DCTR (doesn’t change the ruleset)


02-08-2007 22:27:08 UTC

Just vote Against and it will be self killed. Unfortunately for you, it won’t be failed until it becomes the oldest pending proposal. So until this is failed by an admin, you will only be able to propose one other proposal.


02-08-2007 22:27:50 UTC

That last comment was directed at Amnistar.


02-08-2007 22:27:53 UTC

against Amnistar.  Nope, You can vote against your own proposal, which means it can not pass.  It does not give you back the proposal slot untill it is admined through.  You are though allowed 2 proposals at once, so you can vote against this and repropose it yourself immediatly if you want.  Just be carefull with the wording, look at a couple of other proposals for examples, cause you only get one more shot at a proposal untill this one is admined.  If you want some help with the wording, jump into the IRC chanel on the right and there might be someone there who can help you.. I’m at work at the moment, so I wont have a chance.


02-08-2007 22:27:57 UTC


Because I’m writting a cleaner version of it :(


02-09-2007 03:18:53 UTC



02-09-2007 07:06:37 UTC



02-09-2007 16:29:09 UTC

against also, Admins please note that this has been self-killed.