Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Proposal: Chart of Darkness

unpopular 1-7 with 3 defs failed by card

Adminned at 02 Aug 2019 05:26:56 UTC

Replace “Dynastic data is recorded in the GNDT and in an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet consists of” with:-

The Chart is

And remove “This grid is called the Chart.”

Replace “Recorded on the squares of the Chart are Vessels (and their Facings), Shots and Objects. Vessels are recorded with an identity code in the format “[Initial of Vessel Type][Unique number](Facing)”. For example, B1(N) for a Battleship facing North.” with:-

Each Vessel, Shot and Object has a Location, being a square on the Chart. These Locations are tracked privately by the Admiral.

Clarifying that the Chart isn’t public (if that’s right - I assume we aren’t trying to track the “dynastic data” of Vessel positions publicly in the GNDT?) and leaving the Admiral free to use any notation they wish to keep track of Chart positions.



31-07-2019 10:33:33 UTC

So the Chart is visible to the public, but only the Admiral can edit it. I thought I could post the chart updates on the wiki page and post links on the blog.
The GNDT I thought could be used to show which vessel belonged to who.

Kevan: City he/him

31-07-2019 10:43:41 UTC

My mistake, then. I was taking the “Battleships” theme literally and assuming that we’d begin the game not knowing where our opponents’ ships were.


31-07-2019 11:27:23 UTC

Oops I forgot to vote!  for


31-07-2019 11:36:12 UTC

Ah I didn’t read your comment properly. Nevermind, your re-phrasing here is much better than my original, so we can alter the ‘privately’ bit of this proposal later if we like.


31-07-2019 16:01:11 UTC

We lose some useful information in the new wording. I think the old was better, if we don’t go private with the Chart.

Thunder: he/him

31-07-2019 21:59:38 UTC

Actually quite good if a “Radar” rule is appended. imperial


01-08-2019 06:35:59 UTC

CoV against


01-08-2019 11:44:31 UTC


derrick: he/him

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