Friday, December 19, 2008

Call for Judgment: Checksums just don’t add up

Failed early by the CfJ entitled “You have got to be kidding me” -Bucky

Adminned at 18 Dec 2008 20:54:42 UTC

Regardless of whether or not the secret rule should be interpretted one way or another, the rule that was given:

At exactly 23:58:00 on 25/12/08, each Character shall replace his Relationship with 0 minus his Relationship.

gives the checksum of:


Not the checksum of:


as written in the rules.


If this CfJ passes, remove rule 2.8 Plot Twist Enabler and reset all gamestate values to what they were at 19 Dec 2008 00:10:01.



19-12-2008 02:59:59 UTC



19-12-2008 03:00:18 UTC

Nice try, Rodlen.

Amnistar: he/him

19-12-2008 03:01:54 UTC

The checksums don’t match up.  It’s unfortunate, but that makes the rule he set-up, not the secret rule, per the ruleset. Rather than attempt to figure out what rule would produce the checksum given, it seems simpler to just remove the rule.


19-12-2008 03:03:45 UTC

against Honestly, I don’t know why they don’t match, but you can see that the md5 checksum for the original version matches.  All I did was change the date, but I don’t know why the second one doesn’t match.  I even tried a few simple mistakes and couldn’t figure it out.

I admit that I made a mistake somewhere, but the original version checks out.


19-12-2008 03:03:53 UTC

He’s tricking you. The rule he’s giving is the original secret rule, before the switch from December 25th and December 18th.

Amnistar: he/him

19-12-2008 03:05:05 UTC

It doesn’t matter what the intent is Yoda.  You know that more than anyone else.  What matters is what the rules say.

Clucky: he/him

19-12-2008 03:05:23 UTC

Try the other one. Switch yo 25 to an 18. The checksum is still wrong.


19-12-2008 03:10:22 UTC

This rule is a perfect example of why secret rules are a bad idea.  If there are two different possible interpretations of a secret rule, it causes serious problems later.


Amnistar: he/him

19-12-2008 03:10:41 UTC

Sorry, Typo Darth (I’m the poster shhh).  The checksum still doesn’t match-up.  It doesn’t work, the secret rule that is attempting to be enforced is NOT in the rules, and shouldn’t be enforced.


19-12-2008 03:11:41 UTC

against I didn’t say this.

I would have referred to the rule for the 19th.

Amnistar: he/him

19-12-2008 03:11:42 UTC

Bucky, what are you voting against the removal of the rule?  You obviously agree it’s a bad idea AND according to the way it’s written, the rule we’re looking at was never part of the rules-set.


19-12-2008 03:16:33 UTC


Scrivener’s error.

Amnistar: he/him

19-12-2008 03:17:51 UTC


In favor of rodlen’s, non-typo post.


19-12-2008 03:49:55 UTC