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I know i just joined and maybe i should just sit back and play passively until i am established. I came up with an idea for a future dynasty and was prepared to sit on my hands until my turn to start a dynasty that way.

However, i then read the new player guide which said things like:
“Be creative to help build the game.”
“Make more proposals and tell the Emperor about problems with the dynasty.”
“Participate and share ideas”
“Participate, give feedback, try and make things work before doing anything else.”
“Rules. I for one don’t come up with many great ideas, but this game is built on its rules. People should try to at least start discussions about future mechanics they think would be fun, and maybe someone else can figure out a way to work it into the current rules.”
“Support, encourage, and instruct new players; propose rule changes to create a game you think is fun; accept that other players might have different ideas of fun, or have different goals in playing than you do;”
“Be bold enough to propose repealing or changing any rule that seems boring. Make some noise if it’s getting quiet. Encourage interaction. Keep any rivalry in-character.”
“Take part of the dynasty. And if they are not enjoying it, make proposals to fix the parts they don’t enjoy.”

This made me realize that perhaps if i made poeple aware of my idea, which is in a draft form, people wouldnt necessarily roll their eyes and say “Who even is this guy?”, and maybe would be excited about the idea, and who knows maybe want to help me make it into something that we could vote on and integrate into this dynasty.

The roullette wheel looks a bit boring, to be perfectly honest. But i am sure it will grow on me!

Anyway, here is my idea

It is written as an ascension address, and now obvioulsy it would have to be rewritten to be an in-game change. But check it out when you have 15-20 minutes and let me know if you love it or hate it…




07-12-2020 03:02:01 UTC

Welcome! It’s great that you’ve brought this energy here - often new players will end up not writing any proposals, and this is totally on the other end of the spectrum. Here are my thoughts reading through it:

Usually initial proposals don’t have nearly enough content to be a fully playable game, but instead are broad strokes of mechanics that players can start acting upon. Having a victory condition would be unusual, because once one appears, the phase of the outer nomic game that is semi-cooperative inner-game construction ends and most of the outer game becomes maneuvering towards victory. It’s also a lot to take in. It would take a lot of effort to figure out how to start playing this game, and frankly if I were thrown into it as a whole game instead of figuring it out piece-by-piece as dynasties here go, I would probably idle out.

As written, this game could easily take something like five years for us to play. Rules will usually be friendly to players checking in every day or two (twelve hours for spinning the wheel in this dynasty is unusually fast), and so things tend toward mechanics that are asynchronous. This makes chess almost a worst case scenario for a game to play here: Even if it were just two players not making moves through an LLC, we’d probably want to give them a day or two to move, making the game take a month or two, already the length of an average dynasty. But this has four games being played indirectly through subgames of nomic.

Please, throw some proposals our way! You’ll get a lot more fors though if it’s in much smaller chunks.

Kevan: HE/HIM

07-12-2020 10:17:35 UTC

Good to see some enthusiasm. A chess dynasty would be fun to try - there’s no reason why the game described here would take years, when it’s an amendable game of Nomic. We could agree for individual chess games to be played out between two particular human avatars, in real time.

And as Nomic players I’m sure we’d want to tinker with the rules of chess and the types of pieces that were used, if nothing else because not all of us will be great chess players.

Josh: HE/HIM

07-12-2020 11:02:39 UTC

Looks fun. A couple of issues but we’d expect those to be ironed out in real play.

Now all you have to do is win a dynasty and you’ll be free to implement it :)

FamilyMan: HE/HIM

07-12-2020 19:06:15 UTC

Hi All

Check out this wiki page i made which adds my thoughts on each of your questions and concerns

Thanks for the warm welcome!

FamilyMan: HE/HIM

07-12-2020 19:47:05 UTC

Also check out the original link again—it is alot easier to get through—i cleaned it up


07-13-2020 15:57:11 UTC

I added some replies on the wikipage and other specific gameplay-level comments if you’re interested. I saw you added the Talk:ChessInc page, does it make the most sense to continue there?


07-13-2020 15:57:31 UTC

*and have some other specific gameplay-level comments if you’re interested

FamilyMan: HE/HIM

07-14-2020 15:43:41 UTC

Yes it makes sense to continue there!

FamilyMan: HE/HIM

07-14-2020 15:44:22 UTC

I am interested in any other comments you may have!

Kevan: HE/HIM

07-15-2020 09:24:57 UTC

Standard practice at BlogNomic is for a dynasty idea to be proposed in a minimal mechanical form at the start of that dynasty, with one or two proposals from the Emperor setting out the basic idea, and for other players to vote and contribute ideas.

Part of this is to balance the load for potential mistakes and/or loopholes; if the Emperor starts the game by handing out five full pages of rules (rather than five paragraphs), there’s a greater chance that there’s an oversight in there somewhere. Nomic is more fun when any loopholes are introduced - either deliberately or accidentally - by competitive players.

If you check the dynastic histories on the wiki you’ll be able to get a sense of that: the first couple of proposals listed are usually the Emperor’s, and they tend to only set up the barest bones of a game.

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