Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Create a rule called “The Wimps!” with the following text:

When a Gladiator has been Resting without cease for at least seven days and no Gladiator has done so in the last 24 hours, any Gladiator may set the frags of that Gladiator to half of the original value.

Reword the rule “Death and Scorekeeping” to:

Gladiators cannot Die except in manners allowed or required by a Rule. A single instance of a Gladiator Dying is a Death. Whenever a Gladiator Dies, their Status becomes Resting.

Each Gladiator has a number of Frags, tracked in the GNDT. New Gladiators start with 0 Frags. When a Gladiator deidles, his frags are set to 50% of the value that Gladiator had when he idled.

Whenever a Gladiator Dies, it causes a set of other Gladiators to receive a Frag. Frags should not be gained in any other way. The set is empty by default, but Gladiators are added to the set if a Rule says they are Awarded a Frag for that Death. A Gladiator can never receive a Frag for their own Death, or more than one Frag for the same Death.


Incentive for some action in the arena, however still very week as at the moment any gladiator can step in and out of the arena in one turn.



05-07-2011 18:46:36 UTC



05-07-2011 18:48:13 UTC

for as soon as this is a proposal


05-07-2011 18:54:13 UTC

against because it’s too hard on idlers.  The penalty for going idle for part of the dynasty is not getting any Frags while idle.

Also, given that the first part has no effect on Gladiators with no Frags, a better rule might be to let other Gladiators drop active non-participants into the arena.


05-07-2011 18:58:15 UTC

against  per bucky


05-07-2011 19:44:37 UTC

OK,I make a proposal out of it and leave out the idler part


05-07-2011 20:36:16 UTC



05-07-2011 23:32:50 UTC

against  The penalty for not fighting is not getting frags.  I can’t imagine this is insufficient penalty.

Kevan: HE/HIM

06-07-2011 08:30:20 UTC

This is not a proposal, Blacky forgot to put it in the “proposal” category. (Some of the voting icons here are presumably just players informally saying “I would vote for/against this were it proposed properly”.)

He proposed a proper version of it here.