Saturday, September 17, 2005

Proposal: Choo choo!

1-4. Timed Out.—Chronos

Adminned at 19 Sep 2005 08:55:48 UTC

Add to the list of available constructions:

* Train (machinery)
o Cost:
+ Average guys: 10 metal for 10 periods, no initial cost
+ Robots:  10 metal for 10 periods, no initial cost
o Effects:
+ Trains may only be constructed on territories with a railroad. A train may travel from one territory to another only if they are both controlled by the same country and only if there are railroads in the territories the train has to pass through to get to the other territory. Often for each train, its controller may pay 2 petroleum per territory that will be travelled across (the territory in which it lands counts, the one from which it departs doesn’t) to the hegemonist and 100H$ to each other country for each territory e controls that the train will pass through to transfer the train. E shall then immediately move the train from the first territory to the other in the world page as well as up to 50 population and up to 1 other completed machinery that isn’t a train.

* Railroad (building)
o Cost:
+ Average guys: 4 metal for 2 periods, no initial cost
+ Robots:  4 metal for 1 period, an initial cost of 4 metal
o Effects:
+ None.

Change the Construction rule to read:

Countries may construct constructions at any time. Each construction takes a certain integer amount of Periods to build as well as certain amounts of Commodities per period. A construction may also require certain amounts of Commodities to begin its construction. All these amounts may be different for Countries of different Races.

A Country may announce the Constructing of a construction on the World page by adding “Constructing: (name of building or machinery), (amount of periods left) periods left” to the world wiki page, under Buildings or machinery, respecively, and substracting the initial cost (if there is one) of the construction from eir Commodities. E may construct no more than two constructions at the same time, and e may not construct two in the same Territory at the same time.

Often, e may substract the listed amounts of the Commodities needed for the construction from eir Commodities and may substract 1 from the amount of Periods listed on the World page. When this amount of Periods has reached zero, the construction is considered completed and Operating, and the added term to the World page is to be replaced by the name of the completed construction (the part between parentheses is to be omitted).

When a piece of machinery is completed, its controller shall name it by changing its term in the World page to “(given name) - (name of machinery as per this rule)”

Change the names farm and oil well in the construction rule to farm (building) and oil well (building), respectively.



09-18-2005 02:34:25 UTC

against Railroads are too cheap, comparing to another buildings.

And N metal for 1 period, an initial cost of N metal is currently equal to 0 periods and an initial cost of 2N.

Overall a good Idea, though


09-18-2005 09:06:13 UTC

I guess I indeed went a bit overboard with the railroad’s cost. Feel free to amend it to change it to something fairer though.

And I was aware of the redundance of the 1 period, but somehow I didn’t think of using 0 periods :).


09-18-2005 15:36:31 UTC

Damn. I don’t know what I was thinking when I put in that countries should pay the hegemonist 2 petroleum instead of simply reducing their stock. Expect this to be amended as well in the future.


09-18-2005 18:40:42 UTC

against Neat idea, but i’d rather not have it in the ruleset until it’s right.. too loopholey.


09-19-2005 12:52:38 UTC

against This has not been self-killed yet?


09-19-2005 15:54:04 UTC