Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Proposal: Claim Jumpers

Quorums 5-2. — Quirck

Adminned at 01 Mar 2016 22:19:39 UTC

In “Advancing Time”, replace “Each Orc gains 3*M Spoils where M is their number of Miners.” with:-

Each Orc gains M Spoils, where M is the number of Orcs who have fewer Miners than them.

Removing the rich-get-richer Miner growth.



03-01-2016 10:09:58 UTC

this is still a rich get richer system? I mean the pace is slower but the worst off Orc or Orcs get absolutely nothing which doesn’t seem fair.  against


03-01-2016 10:22:22 UTC

The Orcs without Miners are already getting nothing. (The current system has payouts right now of 45/36/24/18/15/6/0/0. This system would have payouts of 7/6/5/4/3/2/0/0.)


03-01-2016 10:31:29 UTC

The worst Miner will be under pressure to get better at Mining or switch to Warrior Quests, which doesn’t seem an entirely bad thing. But yes, speaking as the worst off Orc (I’ve just got here and it looks like everyone started with twice as many Spoils as I did?), we should make sure that players at the bottom don’t get completely stuck there.


03-01-2016 10:37:12 UTC

That’s true. Also Raichukfm having none would serve as a consistent bottem person that anyone can easily beat.

This would definitely make questing the better option which may be a good thing at this point although questing should probably be a bit more complex instead of just dice roll to pass/fail.

I’m gonna wait to see what other people have to say before I change my vote though.


03-01-2016 10:38:42 UTC

The proposal I introduced advancing time in doubled everyone’s spoils but I forgot to change the actual default.


03-01-2016 17:29:24 UTC

That’s probably reasonable. Making spoils a bit scarcer sounds good.  for


03-01-2016 17:53:54 UTC



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