Saturday, November 08, 2008

Proposal: Clan War


Adminned at 09 Nov 2008 13:43:26 UTC

Create a new rule “War Council”:

The Patriarch may initiate a War Council by creating a story post whose title starts with “War Council”. All Clansmen are therefore invited to participate in a debate to decide which Clansmen shall be elected as Champions to fight for their clan by posting comments to the War Council post. At any time after 48 hours, the Patriarch may decide to end the Council and post a resolution which will name 2 Clansmen from different Clans, known therefore as the Champions. Otherwise, the Patriarch may end the War Council by stating that no Clansmen have been chosen and there are no Champions.

When Champions are named, the Patriarch shall create a Duel to Glorious Death. In this duel, the chosen Champions automatically become Combatants, even if they have not expressed their intention to fight. If a Clansman wins this Duel, that Clansman sets their Health to Superb and may choose any one item from the List of Valid Items and add it to their inventory (as long as that item posseses no explicit restriction that prevents them from owning it). At the end of the Duel, both Combatants cease to be Champions.

If a Clansmen flees the Duel created this way, that Clansmen takes Crushing Damage and loses half their Honor rounded up.

Maybe with this we can get closer to the VC. Otherwise, there is no incentive to take the risk of Dueling to the Death. Why isn’t this decided through voting? Simply to keep the flavor of the dynasty: the Patriarch is wise and all knowing, so he knows better than you, but still can take suggestions.



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against .  Honestly, I think this leaves too much room for accidental abuse by me.

arthexis: he/him

08-11-2008 18:07:46 UTC

against Self-Kill since the Patriarch does not want this power. I’l repropose a fully democratic version then.