Thursday, December 12, 2019

Proposal: class system

Timed out / quorum 4 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 15 Dec 2019 13:28:43 UTC

In the rule “Life” move all of the text after and including “A Person can perform an Activity” into a sub rule titled Activities

Append to “Activities” the following text

Each Type has an activity that can only be taken if the Person has that Type, called defining actions.
The list of defining actions paired with their Type is as follows:
*Reformer: Organize [0]: Gain 2 Happiness.
*Helper: Heal [0]: Gain 3 Happiness. Choose another Person, other than the Bookman, you have not chosen last time you used this ability, they gain 2 Happiness.
*Achiever: Delegate [3]: Gain happiness equal to half your Acumen.
*Individualist: Meditate [0]: Gain happiness equal to your stamina.
*Investigator: Scour [0]: Gain happiness equal to your criminality.
*Loyalist: Campaign [0]: Gain happiness equal to your influence.
*Enthusiast: Excite [0]: Gain happiness equal to your happiness. Set all of your non-happiness Factors to 0.
*Challenger: Confront [0]: Set a Person’s happiness to one less than your own. Can only be used if you have 7 stamina.
Peacemaker: Make Peace [0]: Gain happiness equal to your wisdom.


Kevan: HE/HIM

12-12-2019 18:18:18 UTC

Remember that Health and Wealth is proposing to rename the “Business-skill” and “Crime-skill” stats.


12-12-2019 18:26:04 UTC

Good point. Also forgot to include one for wisdom. I’m trying to fish for ideas that are on theme gets. Some of these are probably too powerful if we are going with happiness as a major factor in determining who achieves victory


12-12-2019 19:05:58 UTC

Oh I like this


12-12-2019 22:47:40 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

12-13-2019 18:04:38 UTC

for Although Happiness is Inside-Out is planning to erase all of this.


12-13-2019 18:35:17 UTC

Ah, yes, I did a quick edit when I saw this, but I thought this addition was going into the original rule, not into Activities. Well, maybe we can bring it back.

The Duke of Waltham: HE/HIM

12-14-2019 20:51:13 UTC