Sunday, August 08, 2021

Proposal: Clay Ants

Popular 7-0, CB

Adminned at 09 Aug 2021 09:34:12 UTC

Create a new rule called “Clientele”:

There are three Clients, the Square Masses (syn. “Masses”), the Cube Elite (syn. “Elite”) and the Tesseract Vatican (syn. “Vatican”).

Clients have a collection of (publicly tracked) Wants, defaulting to having none. A Client is Satisfied with a Worker if they have fulfilled all of their Wants during the current Cycle. Once per Cycle, a Worker can Submit a Report and gain 2 Cogs per Client that is Satisfied with them.

Wants are the following:
- Boxer: The Worker has gained 10 or more Boxes in the current cycle.
- Enviromentalist: The Worker has activated 3 or less machines during the previous cycle.
- Worker Rights: The Worker had at least 2 Energy at the end of the previous cycle.
- Tecnocrat: The Worker has activated machines more than 6 times during the previous cycle.

Set the Wants of each Client to each be one random Want.


Lulu: she/her

08-08-2021 16:36:12 UTC

not sure about Humble or Craftsman right now because there’s no way to destroy Machines or Cogs and I feel like a goal of ‘not having any machines’ doesn’t seem very fun to me


08-08-2021 16:37:35 UTC

Removing them then!

Darknight: he/him

08-08-2021 19:08:51 UTC

No need to shout there beam

Lulu: she/her

08-08-2021 20:19:28 UTC



08-08-2021 21:24:10 UTC

@DK: ?
My intent for tone was like the chef that claps and says “aight mate lets go finish this up!”

Josh: he/they

08-08-2021 21:28:36 UTC


lemon: she/her

08-08-2021 23:20:53 UTC


Raven1207: he/they

09-08-2021 02:03:54 UTC


Janet: she/her

09-08-2021 03:15:20 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

09-08-2021 09:10:57 UTC