Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Proposal: Cleaning up

Passes 14-1. —Brendan

Adminned at 02 Dec 2010 10:25:15 UTC

If the proposal “Laborem fatigat” passes, replace all instances of “OldName” in this proposal with “Nomen”

To the rule 2.1 “The old gods” add the following:

If upon de-idling or advancing to a new age the GNDT-values of a divinity are reset, the value “OldName” is not changed.

To rule 2.3 “Ages” add the following:

Whenever two or more divinities are tied for the highest value in prominence, the current Optimus Divinity will remain the Optimus Divinity for the next Age.


Making the OldName a static value over the Ages. We do not want to go insane due to mutiple personalities, would we?
Resolving the CfJ, according to the principle: When two quarrel, the third takes the advantage.



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01-12-2010 14:42:23 UTC

against I’d prefer a DICE roll as a tiebreaker, to be honest. Also, note that this proposal would actually alter itself (i.e. the text of the post) if enacted, but it’s probably safe in this case.


01-12-2010 14:51:38 UTC

It was meant to be polymorph to adjust to the outcome of the laborem fatigat proposal.
I also was thinking about a random test, however I then found it inspiring if two players are tied, they have to go for extra efforts or they won’t win the prize.

Kevan: he/him

01-12-2010 15:14:47 UTC

for Maybe we could make it so that the Age simply cannot be advanced if two Divinities are tied for Prominence.


01-12-2010 15:28:50 UTC

for I’m leaning towards Blacky’s way of thinking on this one

Brendan: he/him

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Josh: Announcer he/him

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Roujo: he/him

01-12-2010 18:36:48 UTC

for And in favor of Kevan’s suggestion.

Roujo: he/him

01-12-2010 18:39:00 UTC

To clarify: The Age can only be advanced 2 times this Dynasty. Having the Optimus holding his position might be a little over-powered when he might be very far from the winning-but-tied players in terms of Prominence.


01-12-2010 20:17:43 UTC

N.B. SO FAR the Age can only be advanced twice this Dynasty.  This might still change.

I like Kevan’s suggestion but for


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Darknight: he/him

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redtara: they/them

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