Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Proposal: Cleaning up the scenery

Open for more than 12 hours, quorums 7-0.—Quirck

Adminned at 25 Jul 2012 13:31:48 UTC

If the proposal ” Setting up the scenery” fails, this proposal does nothing.

Set each Farmer’s Manuls to 0 and Amulets to the empty string

Remove the rule “Newcomers”

Replace the contents of the rule “Housekeeping” with

Each Farmer has a positive integer number of Bottles with Cursed Water, tracked in the GNDT in a column called CW and defaulting to 50.

Each Farmer also has a positive integer number of Manuls, the total number of which is tracked in the GNDT in a column called Manuls.

in the rule “Manuls are living creatures” replace

Each Manul may wear not more than one Amulet. When a Manul wearing an Amulet dies, that Amulet disappears.


Each Manul that a Farmer possess may itself posses an Amulet. Amulets must have unique IDs across all workers (including idle ones) consisting of one or more alphanumeric characters. Amulets are tracked in a GNDT called “Amulets”, and are listed in the row for the worker who possesses the Manul who owns that Amulet.

If a Manul which possesses an Amulet dies, the Amulet is removed from that Worker’s list and disappears and the Farmer’s Manul count decreases by one. Likewise, if a Manul which possesses an Amulet dies is sold or otherwise transferred to another Farmer, the Amulet is transfer to the other as well and the two Farmer’s Manul totals are updated accordingly. (If the Manul which dies or is transferred does not possess an Amulet, the Farmer’s Manul totals are still updated).

If a Farmer does not possess any Manul’s and has not already done so this dynasty, he may give himself one Manul which possesses an Amulet with an ID of the Farmer’s choosing (provided, of course, it is unique)


quirck: he/him

25-07-2012 01:57:58 UTC

So the stricter the better… “if a Manul which possesses an Amulet dies is sold or otherwise transferred”: “dies” may be counted as a typo and corrected?

Clucky: he/him

25-07-2012 03:35:50 UTC


Vovix: he/him

25-07-2012 06:02:32 UTC


quirck: he/him

25-07-2012 07:21:49 UTC



25-07-2012 13:14:19 UTC


Josh: he/they

25-07-2012 13:57:27 UTC



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