Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Proposal: Clearer Godhead

Passed 6-0, reaches quorum. Enacted by Angry Grasshopper

Adminned at 25 Oct 2005 18:05:25 UTC

Rewrite the Godhead rule so it reads:

Since the Archon is asborbed with the metaphysical necessities of being and chaos, e is seldom present in the realm of the gods to rule over the planes of existence. The Archon’s seat as the divine principal is empty—any Deity may occupy it.

Only one Deity may be the Godhead at any time. To become the Godhead, a Deity must {Make a Post} to the main page, stating why e is allowed to do so. Once a Deity has done so, no other such post may be made within the same day, even if the conditions allowing Godhead-hood change.

Move the Glory rule to be a sub-rule of Godhead, and rewrite it to:

At any time, the Deity with the most Temples is allowed to become the Godhead.

I’ve deleted the rich get richer clause (2 quint/day) and focused on the mechanics of becoming Godhead. Let’s come with the benefits later…



10-25-2005 14:10:55 UTC

for good thinking to keep a godhead for a day

Angry Grasshopper:

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