Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Closed Request: Monumental

BlogNomic’s Legoland continues apace. Now I’d like something monumental. Please construct a scale model of a famous monument or landmark. Standard reward is 110, bonus is 50.



05-01-2011 11:15:35 UTC

Is this open or closed… (Closed Request: Monumental))

Josh: he/they

05-01-2011 11:58:06 UTC

Ah, that’s confusing terminology. The request is open, but it’s of the Closed Request type (as per the ruleset, here).


05-01-2011 12:34:28 UTC

From top to bottom:

1 Pirate Head
1 Grey Torso brick
1 Grey Leg brick
10 2x2 grey standard bricks

It’s Nelson’s Column.


05-01-2011 12:48:29 UTC

The above was not a legal comment.

Proper entry:

Name: Nelson’s Column
Value: 43 (the head is not grey)


1 Pirate Head
1 Grey Torso brick
1 Grey Leg brick
10 2x2 grey standard bricks


05-01-2011 14:31:02 UTC

Name:  Uffington White Horse
Value:  89
All flat white bricks
1 2x10
1 2x3
2 1x4
8 1x3
6 1x2
9 1x1

The green in the picture is for background and should not be considered part of the construction.

Clucky: he/him

05-01-2011 18:33:10 UTC

Name: Lincoln Memorial
Value: 44
1 4x4 standard white
1 2x2 flat white
4 1x4 standard white
2 2x2 standard white
1 minifig, with a stern expression head and white torso and legs.

(The minifig should be sitting, and the shirt/face should be stern/white)

Josh: he/they

05-01-2011 18:39:32 UTC

This is going to be a tough one to judge.


05-01-2011 21:10:54 UTC

Name: Washington Monument
Value: 45
1 2-Slope White
10 2x2 standard White

(built top to bottom)

Josh: he/they

07-01-2011 09:00:15 UTC

The bonus here has to go to Subrincator for the Uffington White Horse. Thanks!


07-01-2011 09:13:11 UTC

Before the gods that made the gods
Had seen their sunrise pass,
The White Horse of Blognomic Vale
From Lego bricks was cast.