Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Closed Request: Oh Tannenbaum

Subrincinator’s entry will serve me nicely in my festive pad. 50 bonus funds to him.

Adminned at 23 Dec 2010 09:01:00 UTC

Mini Figure chums, I seek Christmassy decorations for my Lego pad. Who will make me the finest Lego Christmas tree in all the land? I will reward all those who complete this request with 100 Funds, with a bonus reward of 50 funds for the finest entry.



12-21-2010 18:11:57 UTC

Here’s a Christmas Tree, with value 91, built with the following bricks:
  * 1 2x2 Orange standard bricks
  * 18 2x2 Green standard bricks
  * 1 1x1 Yellow standard brick
  * 4 1x1 Blue standard bricks
  * 4 1x1 Red standard bricks
  * 3 1x1 Purple standard bricks
  * 3 1x1 White standard bricks

The yellow on top is a star and the other 1x1s are ornaments and lights. I used an orange for the base because we don’t have brown, but in the picture I made it brown. I can replace it with orange if people want.

Clucky: HE/HIM

12-21-2010 19:16:05 UTC

Charlie Brown had the right idea. I enter a tree with value 3, build with the following bricks:

1 1 x 1 flat yellow piece
1 1 x 1 standard green piece
1 1 x 1 standard black piece

To build your own charlie brown tree, put the green piece on top of the black piece. Then put the yellow piece on top of the green piece so that your tree has a star.

Thane Q:

12-21-2010 22:24:28 UTC

Yay for tinsel!

Total value: 147

1- 2x2
1- 1x1 flat
8- 1x1
5- 3x1 flat
4- 2x1 flat
3- 4x1 flat

15- 1x1 flat

2- 2x2

4- 4x2
4- 3x2
4- 2x1
3- 2x2


12-21-2010 22:26:39 UTC

I enter a Christmas Tree, with value 100, built with the following bricks:

*5 1x1 Standard Yellow bricks   (5)
*2 2x1 Standard Yellow bricks   (4)
*1 1x1 Flat Red brick       (1)
*4 2x1 Standard Red bricks     (8)
*1 3x1 Standard Red brick     (3)
*2 1x1 Standard Red bricks     (2)
*1 2x1 Standard White brick   (2)
*2 1x1 Standard Blue bricks   (2)
*15 3x1 Standard Green bricks   (45)
*10 2x1 Standard Green bricks   (20)
*4 2x1 Standard Orange bricks   (8)

The four Orange bricks form the base, and there are three 1x1 Gifts scattered at the base: one Red, one Yellow, and one Blue.

From there to the top it’s Green, alternating levels of 3x1 bricks and 2x1 bricks, more or less, with occasional Yellow, White, Blue and Red bricks thrown in as ornaments. The star has a flat 1x1 Red brick sandwiched in the middle.  Like this, sort of-

  Profile             Footprint of two typical tiers
          (tier of 1x2 bricks overlaying tier of 1x3 bricks)

    :                        ...
    :                  .            .
    :::                ..            ..
    :::                  .            .
  :: ::
  ::  ::                      ...
  ::    ::                      .
::    ::
  ::    ::


...How do I link an image?


12-21-2010 22:27:45 UTC

(that attempted periods + colons image turned out kind of warped)

Thane Q:

12-21-2010 22:30:03 UTC

Image linking by “[ img ] URL [/img ]”
Only without quotes and spaces.


12-22-2010 01:41:37 UTC

I’m not sure it’s legal to set your funds to a negative amount, Thande. From the glossary: “Unless otherwise specified, game variables defined to hold numeric values can hold only non-negative integers, and any action that would set those values below zero instead sets them to zero.”

Thane Q:

12-22-2010 03:20:36 UTC

So, in that case, after spending 147 funds, I’d have 0 funds, not -47? ... Probably not.

... Actually, I realized that I had to actually spend the funds after I made the tree and counted and posted it up… I was too eager to make a fancy tree. =(

Thane Q:

12-22-2010 03:24:57 UTC

Yeah… Under the rule
“A Mini Figure who has a choice in whether to take an action defined by a dynastic rule may not take that action if both of the following conditions are true: a) the action’s effects are limited to changing values tracked in the GNDT and/or similar gamestate-tracking entities (such as a wiki page), and b) the action would change one of those values to an illegal value.”

I could not legally enter the above tree. It is an illegal tree, and should not be taken under consideration for this request.


12-22-2010 06:45:40 UTC


12-22-2010 06:48:17 UTC


12-22-2010 06:50:35 UTC


12-22-2010 06:55:13 UTC