Friday, July 28, 2017

Proposal: Cold War stuff: Again

Reaches quorum 6-0. Enacted by pokes.

In “randomly assigning one of the Blocs with the least CICs to the first CICs”, since the ordering of CICs and hence “first CIC” I believe is undefined, I will use a random order. Please CfJ if you disagree.

Adminned at 30 Jul 2017 16:20:35 UTC

Create a section called “Blocs” with the following text within:

Each CIC is a member of the Eastern or Western Bloc, which shall be tracked in the GNDT.
The UNSG shall assign the Bloc of each CIC by randomly assigning one of the Blocs with the least CICs to the first CICs, then repeating until all Pactmakers have a Bloc. If a new CIC (or CICs) joins, repeat the previous procedure with only the new CICs on the list of CICs to determine their Bloc from.


Publius Scribonius Scholasticus: he/they

28-07-2017 23:13:01 UTC



28-07-2017 23:19:52 UTC



29-07-2017 08:13:06 UTC

Kind of makes missile play pretty simple - just aim at the other side. Although, if that works to kickstart the mechanic, then sure.  for


29-07-2017 08:25:30 UTC

(going by the connotation that we’re supposed to befriend those in our bloc and pew pew those who are not.)

Kevan: he/him

29-07-2017 10:03:47 UTC



29-07-2017 10:38:21 UTC

Even in only 2-player games of chicken, always aiming and always not aiming are both bad strategies.


29-07-2017 10:59:02 UTC

If I aim at someone, they now have two choices:

- Not aim back and just lose 1 IE
- Aim back and lose 2 IE

What will they choose? Me getting retaliated matters very little to that persons overall wealth in comparison to the wealth of everyone else, so it seems better to just endure it. That or just throw the game and aim back to get whoever aimed at you to lose too, which seems a bit sour to do to me. It just seems best to aim at everyone I can, while making diplomacy to not get aimed at.


30-07-2017 04:32:55 UTC