Thursday, July 06, 2017

Story Post: Combo: Setting up Camp

1 Take debt (Supplies: 1, Debt: 0, Boot Camp Supplies: 32 -> Supplies: 20, Debt: 19, Boot Camp Supplies: 13)
2 Change Camps (Location: Boot Camp, Supplies: 20 -> Location: Disco Camp, Supplies: 19)
3 Change Camps (Location: Disco Camp, Supplies: 19 -> Location: Science Camp, Supplies: 18)
4 Change Camps (Location: Science Camp, Supplies: 18 -> Location: Mountain Camp, Supplies: 17)
5 Exit Camp (Location: Mountain Camp -> Location: 88°)
6 Establish a new Camp
6a Spend 3 supplies. (Supplies: 17 -> Supplies: 14)
6b Create a new Camp on the Camps wikipage. (-> new Camp)
6c Add the name of the new Camp. (-> Camp Camp)
6d Add a description. (-> Camp Camp description: “Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.”)
6e Set the Latitude of the new Camp to current Location. (-> Camp Camp Latitude: 88°)
6f Set any other values of the newly created Camp to their defaults. (-> defaults)
6g Set Location to the newly established Camp. (Location: 88° -> Location: Camp Camp)
7 Open doors (Camp Camp’s door state: default -> Camp Camp’s door state: open)
8 Change Camps (Location: Camp Camp, Supplies: 14 -> Location, Mountain Camp, Supplies: 13)



07-06-2017 18:36:36 UTC

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