Friday, June 09, 2017

Story Post: Combo: That pile of boots had been a mountain all along

1 Exit Camp (Location: Boot Camp; Location: 82°)
2 Establish a new Camp {}
2a Spend 3 of my supplies (Supplies: 4; Supplies: 1)
2b Create a new Camp on the Camps wikipage. ( -> new Camp section on Camps wikipage)
2c Add the name of the new Camp. (Camp -> Rebooted Camp)
2d Add a description. (Description: -> Description: A big mountain stands here. It's covered in boots.)
2e Set the Latitude of the new Camp to my current Location. (Camp Latitude: -> Camp Latitude: 82°)
2f Set any other values of the newly created Camp to their defaults. (-> Supplies: 0; Temperature: 20°C; Rules Present:)
2g Set their Location to the newly established Camp. (Location: 82° -> Location: Rebooted Camp) {new Camp section on Camps wikipage, Rebooted Camp, Description: 'A big mountain stands here. It's covered in boots.', Latitude: 82°, Supplies:0, Temperature: 0°C, Rules Present:-; my Location: Rebooted Camp}

I couldn’t find a rule preventing two Camps at the same Latitude.



06-09-2017 14:07:45 UTC

I like the combo rule very much.


06-09-2017 14:10:26 UTC

I made a mistake in the summary after 2g: it should read “Temperature: 20°C” instead of “Temperature: 0°C”. Does it invalidate the whole action? Or do we not care?


06-09-2017 14:14:03 UTC

Technically yes.

I’d care a whole lot if it was important but its just a casual camp so meh, shrug. idc.