Monday, March 23, 2009

Comex’s plans

Comex just happens to be propagating a useless (possibly scam) proposal in Rootnomic.

Also, according to Qwaz, he’s the equivalent of idle in Agora and B.

So, what are his plans???



03-23-2009 22:22:24 UTC

I think he’s still active in Agora, although I have no affiliations with that nomic in order to verify.


03-23-2009 22:27:40 UTC

Out of the nomics I play, he’s idle in BlogNomic, Active in Agora, active in PerlNomic, activated in Normish (=Rootnomic) (and has voted there since I last looked, very rare for someone to vote in Normish), not a player in B since the entire gamestate was replaced (due to nobody knowing what it was), although he was active there earlier, and hasn’t contributed to the FRC for ages, if ever.


03-23-2009 22:29:00 UTC

Anything in those nomics to explain what he’s doing here?


03-23-2009 22:37:19 UTC

Nope, mostly business as usual. There were something like 4 scam attempts at Agora recently which are rather confusing to keep track of, but they don’t seem related.


03-23-2009 22:39:47 UTC

Oh, there was this rather unusual proposal in PerlNomic, which Darth’s alluding to above, but it’s failing badly.


03-23-2009 22:51:46 UTC

If you see him, could you ask him to drop by and explain why he spammed BlogNomic with something that could have locked the game for twelve hours?


03-23-2009 22:54:48 UTC

How could it have locked the game for twelve hours if I was idle?


03-23-2009 23:02:47 UTC

comex, in B Nomic:

I become a player.

I become idle.


03-23-2009 23:04:15 UTC

It could have locked the game if there’d been a bug in the ruleset by which idle players could declare victory, or something. As DoVs go, this one seemed pretty unexplained and fire-and-forget.

So what’s going on? Or would you rather not say until a scam in some other Nomic pays off?


03-23-2009 23:49:13 UTC

@ais523: I was actually referring to the “me” proposal in Normish. The full text of it is:



03-24-2009 06:45:08 UTC

I found his scam.

You see, Agora recognizes other nomics.

Comex is an Agora player.

Comex used Agora terminology.

Comex listed Agora players among the Blognomic players.

Simple as that.


03-24-2009 06:47:36 UTC

It was basically the first step towards a mass idling-equivalent at Agora, it seems.


03-24-2009 15:25:54 UTC

Darth Cliche: that was a result of me typing “activate me” instead of “activate_me” by mistake.


03-24-2009 21:44:47 UTC

New news:

Comex tried Gourmet Drag Racing on Mars as the secret answer in a challenge over at Agora.  I’m starting to think he is planning something with both nomics…