Sunday, January 11, 2009


After “Tightening the Ruleset,” don’t the people in faction-within-factions need to revert to singular factions?

And furthermore, don’t the people not in Blo need to have “-” fractures? I certainly doubt the legitimacy of Clucky’s 32773 figure in any case.



01-11-2009 03:33:47 UTC

Good point.


01-11-2009 03:52:03 UTC

People keep their fractures.


01-11-2009 05:29:16 UTC

Even accepting this, one only has 206 bones to break. And I also wonder how Darth Cliche got 184 fractures.


01-11-2009 05:36:40 UTC

1. Will people stop talking about “206 bones”? That’s not in the GNO ruleset.

2. I got those through a loophole created by monkey-smashing.


01-11-2009 05:48:19 UTC

I don’t understand how you and Clucky got them in the first place, is all. I can see how the monkey-smash thing could have happened, although I wouldn’t suggest you ever going to Blo due to paraplegia. On the other hand, I don’t get Clucky’s number at all.


01-11-2009 05:57:20 UTC

Clucky made it happen through the same loophole.


01-11-2009 06:30:39 UTC

There’s nothing that says you can’t have more fractures than you have bones.


01-11-2009 07:18:33 UTC

No, but fractures are defined as the number of bones broken. That number, by necessity (and spelled out pretty clearly) must be 206 or below. Also, I doubt Clucky did anything 327773 times.