Monday, September 12, 2005

Proposal: hCommodities

7-0. Reached Quorum.—Chronos.

Adminned at 12 Sep 2005 07:15:58 UTC

Add a Commodities rule:

Countries may have integer non-negative stocks of Commodities, as tracked in the Wiki’s [[Commodities Market]] page. That page shall list each Country besides the stocks Commodities it controls.

Currently, the Commodities a Country may have stocks of are:

* Grain - It’s the food from which the Country’s people feed off.
* Metal - It’s the stuff from wich structures and machinery are made of.
* Petroleum - It’s a fossil combustible, useful for generation of energy.

Rodney, feel free to make a Proposal adding Tangelos here. Since I don’t know what Tangelo’s are, I didn’t put them in.

Add a sub-rule Production to Territories:

Territories are capable of producing an integer non-negative amount of Commodities. A Territory listing in the [[World]] shall display its Production Capacity for each Commodity.

Often, a Country may increase the Stocks of Commodities it has by the combined Production Capacity of all Territories it controls.

Whenever a Territory is created, a DICE10 shall be rolled for each of the Commodities listed in the Ruleset. The resulting numbers are the Production capacity of the newly created Territory for each of the Commodities. If the Territory being created is a Homeland, a DICE15 shall be rolled instead.

Roll for the Production Capacity of the Territories already existing, as if they were being created now.



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