Thursday, June 28, 2007

Proposal: Commodities, part I

Timed OUt and Fails, 1-2


Adminned at 30 Jun 2007 12:34:45 UTC

Another try, ditching the Land idea

Rename rule Money to Credit

Delete the first, third and fourth paragraphs of rule Credit.

In rule Production, change:

A Product is a numerical status column in the GNDT. There is a Product for every subrule of this Rule, named after that subrule and tracked in the GNDT.


There are three types of Products, as stated in their respective sub-rules:

*Means of Production

There is a Product for every subrule of this Rule, named after that subrule and tracked elsewhere. Means of Production or Cash quantities are numerical status columns in the GNDT. Commodities quantities are numerical values tracked in the [[Inventory]] Page.

In the same rule, change

Each Corporation begins with one Office, one Factory and ten Souls


Each Corporation begins with one Office, one Factory, ten Souls, $50M in cash and no Commodities.

Rewrite sub-rule Souls so it reads:

The other Means of Production require Souls. Souls take time but not money. The production rights for Souls are in the public domain. No Corporation may have fewer Souls than they have other Means of Production combined. When Time is Advanced, if a Corporation has fewer Souls than other Means of Production combined, their Production is 0 and they produces nothing.

Add “*Type: Means of Production” before the first paragraph of sub-rules Offices, Factories and Souls. Add “*Type: Cash” before the first paragraph of sub-rule Cash.

Add to sub-rule Cash:

A Corporation may give another Corporation any positive amount of Cash less than the amount they have minus its credit limit.

Immediately after Time is Advanced, by the Government or anyone else, any Corporation with a negative amount of Cash has their Cash multiplied by 1.1 and rounded to the nearest $1M.



06-28-2007 16:51:10 UTC

against It’s better than Land, but there are some problems. For one thing, you consistently use the word Cash, even though at the beginning of the rule you say to change the word Cash to Credit. Also, as I said for Land, we don’t need a major overhaul. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Brendan: HE/HIM

06-28-2007 17:15:35 UTC

against If you want something to parallel Daemons, it should be a new rule, not a comprehensive rewording of an existing one.  This is a very complicated way of adding almost nothing to the game.