Thursday, June 28, 2007

Proposal: Commodities, part II

Passes 3-2, but does nothing.


Adminned at 30 Jun 2007 12:34:56 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Commodities, part I” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Add a rule named Commodity Research, with this text:

Corporations are constantly struggling to give the market new, cutting edge, products.  Due to the damned Government’s antitrust laws, though, other Corporations may obtain Production Rights to these discoveries.

A Corporation may create Proposals with a title that includes the text “(Commodity Research)”.  These follow all the same rules as normal Proposals, but their text must comprise only a new subrule (and thus a name) for the rule called “Production”. The first paragraph of such sub-rule must read “Type: Commodity”.

On such Proposals, in addition to voting, Corporations may post comments with the text “Bid: $xm”, where x is an amount of Cash.  A Corporation may bid more than once, and their later bids are always considered to override their earlier ones.  No Corporation may bid more than their total amount of Cash, plus the absolute value of their Credit Limit, at the time of the bid.  No Corporation may bid exactly the same amount of Cash as any other Corporation’s latest bid.

If a Commodity Research Proposal passes, its Production Rights are awarded to its creator, along with the two Corporations with the highest standing bids in the comments; their names should be listed in the Production Rights line for that Commodity in the [[Inventory]].  The winning bidders lose the amount of Cash they bid, and the proposing Corporation gains the combined total of these two bids.

If a Commodity Research Proposal passes with fewer than two bids from different Corporations, then the Proposal’s creator gains no cash, its bidders (if any) do not lose their bids, and the Production Rights are put in the Public Domain.



28-06-2007 17:01:43 UTC

for I voted against Part I, but I think this is good. If Part I fails, someone should resubmit this one.


28-06-2007 17:05:38 UTC


Where are Commodities tracked as far as who has how many of them?
The Inventory wiki?

I think this would be good all by itself, without any major changes (such as part 1) I agree with alethiophile above.

Brendan: he/him

28-06-2007 17:18:00 UTC

against Add some text about “Corporations may have certain quantities of Commodities, which are tracked on the Inventory page” to the beginning and I’d vote for it.  The “damned Government” phrasing is pretty juvenile, though.


29-06-2007 03:45:18 UTC

against .  Don’t call me damned, I still have all my souls.