Monday, September 06, 2010

Proposal: Competition

Reached quorum 9 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 07 Sep 2010 08:48:21 UTC

Create a new dynastic rule, “Apparent Intelligence”:

Each Befuddled has an IQ, a number defaulting to 100, tracked in the GNDT. To “transfer” IQ from one Befuddled to another is to reduce the first Befuddled’s by IQ that amount, and increase another Befuddled’s IQ by that amount. IQ can only be transferred as described by the rules, and cannot be changed in any other way.

Create a new dynastic rule, “Competition”:

A Competition is a sort of contest; each competition is tracked in a blog post dedicated to that Competition. The Riddler can create a Competition merely by creating a post to track it with [Competition] in the title; other Befuddleds can only do so if they have prior approval from a proposal or a different rule. A Competition must not be, or be edited into, any other sort of official post. The post tracking a Competition must describe under what circumstances it transfers IQ.

A Competition cannot force Befuddleds to do something, or prevent Befuddleds from doing something, like a rule can. (It can, however, specify circumstances in which IQ could be transferred, and those circumstances can include performing, or not performing, various actions.)

Befuddleds can transfer IQ from one Befuddled to another, but only as described by a Competition, and only when both the Befuddled transferred from and the Befuddled transferred to have posted in the post describing that Competition within the previous 14 days (i.e. by not posting in a Competition’s post, a Befuddled can avoid incurring penalties from it). Additionally, no more than 20 IQ can be transferred from any Befuddled by any Competition in any week, and no more than 20 IQ can be transferred to any Befuddled by any Competition in any week.

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06-09-2010 20:56:13 UTC

It took me quite a while to write this. This proposal won’t time out until 2 days after this comment, as opposed to 2 days after its apparent date (stupid ExpressionEngine timestamps…)


06-09-2010 22:43:02 UTC

Ok for


06-09-2010 22:50:14 UTC

So are you planning on any harder encryptions than simple cryptograms?


06-09-2010 22:54:45 UTC

Why does the thing still show hiatus?

Josh: he/him

06-09-2010 23:00:34 UTC

Even I could work the codes out, and I’m an idiot.

But yeah.  for


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07-09-2010 02:21:46 UTC


Bucky: Proprietor

07-09-2010 03:27:53 UTC


Kevan: he/him

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