Monday, September 20, 2010

[Competition] Toss the Turtle

As a comment to this Competition, any Befuddled may post a screenshot of the score screen at  (the screen which shows the distance travelled and the dollars earned) from a game of Toss the Turtle they have played themselves. The “Earned:” dollar amount displayed is that player’s Score.

At 12:00pm (GMT) on Wednesday, the Competition closes. Any time after that point, the Riddler may select the highest Score from those screenshots he considers to be genuine, and which were submitted as comments before the Competition closed. The poster of that Score’s screenshot has 3 IQ transferred from each other Befuddled who submitted a screenshot to the Competition, and is also awarded a Medal. (In the event of a tie, no IQ is transferred and a random Befuddled from those with the highest Score is awarded the Medal.)


Kevan: he/him

20-09-2010 10:24:20 UTC

Okay, here’s an opening attempt to get the ball rolling, with a score of $1086:-


20-09-2010 14:50:04 UTC

A low one, I’ll upload a higher number before Wednesday…


20-09-2010 15:54:01 UTC

wow, bloody end, how sad :(

Josh: he/him

20-09-2010 18:44:27 UTC


21-09-2010 15:59:43 UTC

all bow to the turtle chucking champion!

Bucky: Proprietor

21-09-2010 22:53:05 UTC

And beating lilomar’s secret reserve screenshot by ~$400,000, I have this:
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22-09-2010 01:27:35 UTC

And this is why it’s a bad idea to register for websites.


22-09-2010 20:25:57 UTC

I think Bucky wins, by the look of it.