Sunday, October 29, 2006

Complaint: Declaration of Victory: Rigged DICE

It seems that Rodny pulled a Switch-and-run to render disfunctional the rule I used to try to achieve victory.  Could some kind Admin please fix the obvious typo?

Also, could everyone please vote pay attention to the 2 DoVs in circulation.



30-10-2006 15:37:57 UTC

An Admin can’t fix a typo in the Ruleset during Hiatus.  However, there seems to be a consensus that Rodney’s switch and run was illegal.  Under that interpretation, “tobal” is still “total”, but I don’t want to revert that yet (at least while hiatus is going on, since the legality of that action was relevant in deciding the validity of Rodney’s victory).

Actually, I think enough time has passed that we can resolve the DoVs and clear the Hiatus.  I’ll go do that and then fix the “tobal”.