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Story Post: Concept for discussion (not a proposal): Proxies

The idea being that a particular Player (the Proxy Grantor) may post a blog post (the Proxy Declaration) stating that a different, specified named Player (the Proxy Holder) holds the Proxy Grantor’s Proxy (defined below).  The Proxy Declaration may, but is not required to, specify the duration of the Proxy (however any unexpired Proxy automatically terminates upon the enactment of a Declaration of Victory).  The Proxy remains in effect until the duration (if any) specified in the Proxy Declaration terminates, it automatically terminates, it is expressly terminated by the Proxy Grantor by a blog post, or it is expressly terminated by the Proxy Holder by a blog post.

During the duration of the Proxy, the Proxy Holder may, with respect to any Proposal, cast a vote on such proposal by posting a comment (containing a vote) to the Proposal that expressly names the Proxy Grantor and expressly states that it constitutes an exercise of the Proxy on behalf of the Proxy Grantor.  Such a vote is deemed, for all purposes, as constituting a vote cast by Proxy Grantor and not by Proxy Holder on that Proposal (i.e., an AGAINST vote by Proxy can self-kill a Proposal by the Proxy Grantor; a VETO may be cast by Proxy if the Proxy Grantor is the Emperor (or equivalent), any gamestate effect that inures to the benefit or detriment of a particular voter on a Proposal on account of a particular vote will inure to the benefit or detriment of the Proxy Grantor rather than the Proxy Holder if that vote constituted an exercise of the Proxy, a Proxy vote on a given proposal before the Proposal is Enacted or Failed can be overridden by a contrary vote on that proposal by the Proxy Grantor in his own right, etc.)

A Proxy may not be validly used to vote on a CFJ or a DOV.

No reason why a given Proxy Grantor can’t grant a Proxy to more than one other Player concurrently.



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for If simplified.

Ienpw III:

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Agora has a rule sort-of like this, but more general. It makes a huge change to the character of a nomic, and can sort-of take over the entire gameplay. (The Agoran version does game actions too, within limits set by the Grantor.) A common strategy is for a group of players to agree on something that needs precise timing, then get one of the players to do all the actions in a single message via this method, so as to prevent any interruption by other players who might want to thwart their behaviour.


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Oh, and it also makes all those prisoner’s-dilemma-style proposals obsolete; Agora allows conditional votes to get rid of them, but even if it didn’t, you could do something very similar via this mechanism.


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against A player could be Idle except for Proxy