Friday, September 16, 2005

Proposal: Consume

S-K. Chronos

Adminned at 16 Sep 2005 17:12:44 UTC

Add a Feeding sub-rule to Population:

Whenever the Hegemonist increases the Stocks of Commodities of a Country due to posting a Market Position, e shall reduce the Stock of Food (according to that Country race) of said Country by one tenth (rounded up to the next integer. Ex.: 1.01 becomes 2) of the combined Population of all Terirtories that Country controls.

If the Hegemonist is unable to reduce a Country’s Stock of Food, because that Country lacks enough food to allow that, the Hegemonist shall {Make a Post} with subject “Starving Warning: Country X #NNN”, where “X” is the name of the Country lacking food and “NNN” is a sequential number starting at 001 for each Country. The #NNN starving counter for a Country shall be reset to 001 every time the Hegemonist is able to reduce that Country’s Stock of Food in the manner of this rule.

Whenever the Hegemonist posts a “Starving Warning: Country X #NNN” with a #NNN greater than 002, the Hegemonist shall reduce the population of all Territories controlled by that Country by one tenth (rounded up to the next integer. Ex.: 1.01 becomes 2).



09-16-2005 16:57:52 UTC

imperial This requires a lot of food. Most players won’t be able to support any territory that’s not underpopulated already.


09-16-2005 17:16:26 UTC

That’s why Farms and Oil Wells are for. And they can always sell other commodities to buy food.

As it stands, it’s very cheap to increase a Country’s population. Let’s make it not that cheap to maintain a higher populaton.


09-16-2005 18:16:35 UTC

we can’t sell other commodities to buy food indefinately since you have a limited capacity of foodstuffs

i’d be TEN grain short PER DAY.  oi vey! against


09-16-2005 18:39:57 UTC

against this will kill my people quickly


09-16-2005 20:14:17 UTC

Excalabur, that’s why you have 2 availabe races, with different food-stuff.

Some countries would sell me Oil/Metal to buy Grain while other countries would sell me Grain/Metal to buy Oil. Quite sustentable.


09-16-2005 20:51:01 UTC

Smith, It’s not my fault your Homeland is overpulated.


09-16-2005 22:25:56 UTC

I agree that this is too much.  I would be out of grain quickly with this, and getting more territories will be a huge strain..


09-16-2005 22:40:24 UTC

Mm.  but those are linked to ‘government’. 

I would vote for this at 5% or so.


09-16-2005 22:57:41 UTC

5% would be good


09-17-2005 00:02:59 UTC

against S-K. 5% coming