Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Proposal: Continent Content Cons

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 17 Oct 2019 07:59:37 UTC

Add to “Power and Assets”:

A EM can acquire a Special Asset they satisfy the Requirements for by spending 1 Money and swapping a Root Asset for that Special Asset they have for it. A Special Asset’s Requirements are to be fulfilled by the sum of the EMs that are part of their Continent. The following are Special Assets, and their Requirements (in brackets), and its Root Asset (in parenthesis):

- Oil Rigs [Technology x 4] (Technology): Increase your IO by 30 upon acquiring this. Decrease your IO by 30 upon losing this.
- Eden Design [Green Policy x 4] (Green Policy): Decrease your IO by 30 upon acquiring this. Increase your IO by 30 upon losing this.
- Nuclear Weaponry [Military x 1, Technology x 1] (Military): When you successfully Attack another EM, choose any amount of EMs that share their Continent. Those EMs also lose an Asset.
- Imperialism [Influence x 2 Military x 2 Privileged x 2 Control x 2] (Influence): When you successfully Propaganda another EM, transfer an Asset of your choice from them to yourself instead of making them lose an Asset.

Teaming up in a continent helps everyone involved to get cooler Assets, but makes you vulnerable to having you all nuked at the same time.


Kevan: he/him

16-10-2019 16:17:01 UTC

against Nothing here to say that swap-acquiring Special Assets is the only way they can be gained. The regular “fill three or less of their empty Asset slots with Assets of their choice” option is still there, allowing a player to pick a Nuke straight off, because Nukes are Assets.


16-10-2019 16:27:54 UTC

Glad I found the scam myself before reading the comments. You really should be more careful about spoilers, Kevan!  ;)



16-10-2019 16:48:47 UTC

against sometimes I’m so genius I even surprise myself


16-10-2019 21:31:02 UTC