Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Proposal: Cooperation v2

Times out, 3-0. Enacted by pokes.

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This footnote is considered by scholars to come from the Octocodex written by O. Sedecim, Second Corner. This is one of the few remaining fragments after O. Sedecim accidentally traveled through Interim. The following footnote is considered ruletext.

A Tesser can perform Face Action by having the affinities that correspond to that Face Action participating and spending power equal to the number of affinities of the Face Action which don’t match the Tessers’ affinity. Participating affinities are the affinities of any Tessers that help in that action as well as the affinities of shards that participating Tessers possess; in case two or more Tessers perform a Face Action, they both pay this cost calculated with their own affinity.

The Octocodex may be cited in brief as ‘O8’.
Text from O8 is not considered to be rules that Tesserers obey, unless otherwise specified.




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I like the idea but the implementation details are very confusing. I think I understand but it took a few readthroughs. for