Thursday, January 29, 2009

Proposal: Cooperative Play

Illegal proposal, already have 2 pending—arth

Adminned at 29 Jan 2009 12:15:36 UTC

Add a new sub-rule “Cooperation” under rule “Guessing”:

As a daily action, a Member of the Staff that has at least one guess may spend 5 Credits and 1 Guess to increase the Guesses of another Member by 1. This action can only be taken if both Member are currently on the same Station, and only if that Station is not Jump.

As a weekly action, the Writer may increase their own Guesses by 3.

As a plus, I will give a free guess to the person that includes the best idea for a new vehicle in a comment to this proposal. Of course, I will judge what best means, but I have a feeling it will have to do with being funny and related to the theme.




01-29-2009 20:15:37 UTC