Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Proposal: Copy the Leader

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Adminned at 30 Aug 2018 01:59:06 UTC

Add the following rule with the title “Apes”:

Each Ape has an amount of Food, which defaults to 0 and is tracked in the GNDT under a column named “Food”.

Each Ape has Genetics, which is a list of five Genes, noted in the GNDT by as a list of the first two letters of the name of that Gene under a column named “Genetics” unless noted otherwise. For example: NoNoNoDeSp

The default Genetics is the one noted as NoNoNoNoNo.

The following are Genes and their effects:

- Nothing: This Gene does nothing.
- Speed: This Ape has an additional Lifetime Action.
- Brawn: Gain an additional Food when performing the Hunt action.
- Smell: Gain an additional Food when performing the Forage action.
- Deformed: This Ape can’t use their last Lifetime Action.

The following is known as an Ape Mutating: randomly selecting one of that Ape’s Genes and setting it to be a randomly selected kind of Gene.

Once during each Sunday, a new generation of Ape is born, children of the previously most successful Ape. This is known as a New Generation Event, and is performed by the Monolith. The following happens at that moment, in this order:

- The Genetics of all Apes becomes the same as the Ape with the most Food. If there is more than one Ape with the most Food, then instead an Ape is randomly selected from the set of Apes with the most Food, then the Genetics of all Apes becomes the same as that selected Ape.
- Set the default Genetics to be the one that all Apes have, by changing the sentence in this rule that starts with: “The default Genetics is the one noted as”.
- The Food of all Apes is set to 0.
- For each ape, roll a DICE4. If a 1 is rolled for them there, that Ape Mutates.

Apes have 2 Lifetime Actions per week (with the amount you have left noted in the GNDT under a column called “LA”), with such a week starting/ending at a New Generation Event. The following are Lifetime Actions:

- Hunt: Gain 1 Food.
- Forage: Gain 1 Food.


[Insert here stereotypical image of the evolving human up from an ape]

The intent is to screw with the usual wealth/economy of the game, such as fool’s gold and whatnot. What sort of strategies will emerge here?



08-29-2018 12:54:18 UTC

Looks like fun. Invisible gamestate updates are always a bit of a tripwire, though - dice being rolled in the GNDT at the stroke of midnight by nobody seems particularly odd, here, and might even be impossible.


08-29-2018 12:55:01 UTC

you need to add the food stat to the block quote.

The timing of the new generation needs some refinement, but I think we can implement that later.

Genes currently default to all Brawn. Which is actually one of the more successful builds, all things considered!

I have some tweaks I wish to make, especially to the new generation mechanic, but I’ll make those in my own proposal.


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08-29-2018 15:52:49 UTC

no time to propose or enact but shouldn’t children be defined a bit more? anyway