Saturday, July 08, 2017

Proposal: [Core] I choose you!

Timed out. 3-3, can’t be enacted. Failed by card.

Adminned at 11 Jul 2017 20:43:22 UTC

If the proposal “[Core] Multi-leader Voting” has not passed, this proposal does nothing instead.
Add to “Special Proposal Voting”

If there is more than one Expedition Leader, an Explorer may make a PREFERENTIAL vote. It is a vote of confidence in that particular Expedition Leader. A PREFERENTIAL vote is in the form of :X:, where X is the name of an Expedition Leader. When an Expedition Leader has a valid vote other than VETO or PREFERENTIAL, all PREFERENTIAL votes with the name of that Expedition Leader become the same as that Expedition Leader’s Vote for the purposes of other rules unless otherwise specified.



08-07-2017 18:36:29 UTC

Sure for

Its pretty much just a sort of automatization in the end. “My vote will be their vote”

Also, potential new voting icon? I really like the exploration of the new multiemperor stuff.


08-07-2017 18:37:28 UTC

“DEF” and “PREF”

aaaay it has a good ring to it

Thunder: he/him

08-07-2017 22:04:03 UTC



09-07-2017 11:20:11 UTC

against I’d replace DEF with PREF in core, but think both is too much.


09-07-2017 11:25:43 UTC

That can work too actually. PREF can be generalized to be *anyone*, not just the ELeader (or any other specific ELeader).


09-07-2017 12:08:25 UTC

Yeah, why only PREF to Expedition Leaders?

Apologies to the BNScript maintainers.


09-07-2017 12:13:00 UTC

One good reason to only PREF to Expedition Leaders: avoiding circular PREFs. I think we should also for this reason disallow PREFs from Expedition Leaders.


10-07-2017 13:03:00 UTC

against per pokes, in favour of replacement.

Are circular PREFs really something that needs to be avoided?

Kevan: he/him

10-07-2017 18:47:06 UTC



10-07-2017 19:17:14 UTC

So at least some of the people who voted agree that PREF should replace DEF and people can’t PREF themselves.


10-07-2017 19:21:59 UTC

I think DEF would be good to keep as shorthand for “I prefer whatever the quorum decision of the Emperors decides”