Thursday, January 25, 2018

Proposal: Corruption-ment

Fewer than a quorum not voting against. Failed 1-5 by Kevan.

Adminned at 25 Jan 2018 22:42:13 UTC

Add a new rule called “Favors” with the text:

Each resident has a number called “Bribes” which defaults to zero as is tracked in the GDNT. Any item can be destroyed to gain the owner one Bribes.

A Favor is a game object from that following list, which has an owner, effect, and level.

If a resident owns a Favor, it is listed in their section of the Residents wiki page, along with its level. The effect of that Favor will apply to that Resident for as long as they have it.

Favors start out as belonging to no-one, with a level of 1. Any player can steal a favor by paying X bribes, where X is a number greater that the level of that Favor. X becomes the new level of that Favor.


•First in line: The Owner’s Priority is +inf.
•Anti-Desecration: If the Owner becomes Dead, all their supplies are destroyed before the “Corpse” Page is posted.
•Hold My Supplies: The government has an inventory which is stored at the top of the Residents wiki page. If it has less than 3 supplies in it, the Owner may add one of their items to it. At any time they may move any of those supplies in to their hands slots and optionally perform a crataction.
•Double Dip: The Owner may take two Supplies instead of one from the crate when it is your turn.
•Wingman: The Owner may choose one other resident they are romantic with. That resident becomes romanic to The Owner, and cannot change that status, until the owner of this Favor changes.



25-01-2018 01:44:13 UTC

infinity isn’t a number, something like “The Owner accesses a Crate before anyone without this favor or can access a Crate at the same time as other Residents with this Favor.” could get around this.


“when it is your turn.” should probably be “when it is their turn.”

Favors start out costing 0 Bribes.


25-01-2018 03:02:49 UTC

Redcross but I can’t say why until the end of the dynasty or something happens.


25-01-2018 06:43:03 UTC

oh I didn’t read close enough.

Kevan: Oracle he/him

25-01-2018 08:55:58 UTC

against Yes, “Any item can be destroyed”. Also infinite Cractions from Hold My Supplies.


25-01-2018 10:22:47 UTC



25-01-2018 13:04:49 UTC



25-01-2018 18:27:04 UTC



25-01-2018 21:23:08 UTC

against I like the basic idea though.