Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Proposal: Cosmic Power

unpopular timed out 3-5 failed by card

Adminned at 14 Sep 2017 21:40:30 UTC

Create a rule called “Phenomenal Cosmic Power” with:

Each Prince has an amount of Cosmic Power which defaults to X, where X is 0 plus 1 for each 20 Size the Katamari has. Each time the Katamari’s Size reaches a multiple of 20, all Princes gain 1 Cosmic Power. By spending 1 Cosmic Power, a Prince who has rolled up a Proposal into the Katamari, and that Proposal has been within the Katamari for more than 3 contiguous days, may enact that Proposal as if it was a normal Popular Proposal.

The King may remove Proposals from the Katamari at their discretion.



12-09-2017 22:38:11 UTC

how do you counter admin advantage?
Also why would you want to allow people to possibly enact an “I win” proposal?


12-09-2017 22:41:29 UTC

There is no admin advantage, people can enact proposals without needing to be an admin.

The proposal would be in there for at least 3 days, so if someone tries to add a “I win” proposal, it’s going to be laying around for a good amount of time for counter-play (proposals get resolved in 48 hours at most for example).


13-09-2017 01:28:01 UTC

Okay I got something wrong after a review.

Given “For the purpose of the Katamari’s use across Blognomic’s URLs, such address’s content shall be considered to be such as they were at the instant this Dynasty started (so posterior edits do not apply).”

this would only allow proposals made before this dynasty to be enacted. against


13-09-2017 01:55:29 UTC

“this would only allow proposals made before this dynasty to be enacted.”

That’s the intent.

Kevan: he/him

13-09-2017 09:55:30 UTC

I’m wary of proposals becoming simple “strings” in the Katamari (presumably with no markup) and later being enacted as if they were “proposals” again. Where would a lengthy string’s reference to “the following text” end?



13-09-2017 10:27:36 UTC


Darknight: he/him

13-09-2017 14:28:25 UTC



13-09-2017 17:52:17 UTC



14-09-2017 03:05:43 UTC


derrick: he/him

14-09-2017 13:04:38 UTC


The King wishes this dynasty to be a bit more meta than in the past…