Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Proposal: Craction Replay

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 16 Feb 2018 20:19:10 UTC

In the rule “Crates”, replace everything between (and including) “A Resident (the “Recipient”) may take an item from a Crate” and “any Supplies still inside the Crate cease to exist.” with:-

A Resident (the “Recipient”) has Access to a Crate if:-

  • The Recipient has not already Looted that Crate.
  • There is no other non-Sleeping Resident who has a higher Priority than the Recipient, and who has not yet Looted that Crate.

A Resident who has Access to a Crate may Loot it as an atomic action that consists of the following:

  • Discarding all Timetables that they are carrying.
  • Choosing an Item in that Crate and putting into their inventory. Upon doing so, a single instance of that Item is no longer considered to be inside that Crate.
  • Optionally taking one Craction that they are able to take (or two, if they pay 1 Alertness and 1 Health for this option).
  • Optionally reducing by 1 (to a minimum of 1) the Health of a Resident who has the same Priority as the Resident taking this action, and also the same or greater Hangover.
  • Posting a comment in the relevant Crate blogpost stating which item was taken and summarising the rest of this atomic action.

If a Recipient has had Access to a particular Crate for the past 24 hours, but has not Looted it, then any Resident may set that Resident’s Alertness to zero.

If a Crate has no Supplies inside it, then that Crate is Empty. If there exists a non-Empty Crate and every non-Sleeping non-Knocked Out Resident has Looted that Crate, then any Resident may post a comment to the Crate post announcing that the Crate is being discarded: upon doing so, any Supplies still inside the Crate cease to exist.

Replace “A Craction is an action that is taken as the last step of taking an item from a Crate.” with:-

A Craction is a type of game action.

If any past game Cractions were illegal under the previous wording of that sentence but would not have been so had the sentence had the new wording at the time, consider them to have been legal at the time they were made.

Fixing the wonky “last step” Craction definition that Diabecko pointed out during the most recent crate, and cleaning up Cractions and item-taking in general (requiring a crate comment to describe everything that happened, and giving that process a verb - “to loot”).



02-14-2018 19:06:48 UTC



02-14-2018 20:33:53 UTC

I like how this cleans up item-taking mechanics but I’m bothered by the last part. Unless I’ve misread the proposal, it seems to me that saying a craction is a type of game action makes cractions a normal action executable any time. For example, take the following sentence:

“A Resident, as a Craction and by paying 1 health, can take a trip to the Black Market and perform one of the following”

With the new definition, this sentence is equivalent to:

“A Resident, as a type of game action and by paying 1 health, can take a trip to the Black Market and perform one of the following”

Am I wrong on this ?


02-14-2018 20:37:12 UTC

Maybe it should be “A Craction is a type of game action that is only executable where specified in the Looting atomic action” or something like that.


02-15-2018 16:36:05 UTC

To cover other rules that might also say “take a Craction”, that suggestion of yours should ultimately be extended to “A Craction is a type of game action that is only executable where a player is allowed to take a Craction”. At which point it seems pretty much back at “is a type of action”. It’s implicit that you can only take an action when you’re allowed to take that action, isn’t it?

I wouldn’t say that something being defined as a game action automatically allowed players to take that action. But since this only has one vote so far, I’ll repropose a less questionable version.