Friday, October 23, 2009

Proposal: Create your own virus

Times out and passes 7-3 with more than half (7) colorless.  +10 to Bucky.  -Bucky

Adminned at 25 Oct 2009 20:54:55 UTC

Add a new Subrule to the Rule entitled “Viral Proposals”.  Call it “Custom Virals [5 points]” and give it the following text:

As a weekly action, a Player may create a Viral Proposal.  That Viral proposal must contain two sections: a Payload and a Vector.

The Payload shall be a list of repeatable changes to the Ruleset and/or Gamestate.

The Vector shall be text of the form “When this becomes Enacted, the enacting admin shall create a Viral proposal with a body identical to this proposal’s and a title of ‘[Viral]: ***** (X)’ Where X is 1 plus the largest number in this proposal’s Title.”, with ***** replaced by an appropriate word or phrase of the Player’s choice.

The Title of the Viral Proposal shall be the same as that of the Proposal it would create if enacted, except that X shall be equal to 1.

If a majority of EVCs on this proposals also contain the text “colorless”, the Rule this proposal creates does not become a team rule.



10-23-2009 17:36:35 UTC



10-23-2009 19:57:35 UTC

for colorless


10-23-2009 21:36:28 UTC

for colorless


10-23-2009 21:42:03 UTC

for colorless



10-24-2009 04:53:17 UTC

for colorless

(ever really look at a word and just feel like its spelt wrong but its not? cause thats how i feel looking at color.)


10-24-2009 05:52:08 UTC



10-24-2009 12:36:11 UTC

against Kind of ridiculous when you could just create one by proposal. (And that proposal would presumably carry the payload too, so you wouldn’t even waste a round.)


10-24-2009 14:58:21 UTC

for  colorless


10-24-2009 15:29:33 UTC

against  colorless.  also colourless.

Darknight: just move somewhere that the Queen’s English is spoken, and you can spell colour correctly without being corrected.

Ienpw III:

10-24-2009 15:51:31 UTC

for Colourless


10-24-2009 15:52:17 UTC

From the glossary, “Superficial differences between the spelling of geographic versions of English, e.g, British English, American English and Australian English shall be construed as irrelevant for the purposes of play.”


10-25-2009 00:54:17 UTC

Lol, sadly my brain swears that both ways you spelt it looks wrong Excal. I’m so odd.


10-25-2009 02:53:15 UTC

Well it’s better than “coler”...

/me attempts to make all -or/-our words become -er in Coloradan English.