Sunday, December 10, 2017

Declaration of Victory: Cuddlebeam wins

Fails upon another DoV enacting. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 11 Dec 2017 11:14:31 UTC

It’s the 10th of December and I got the most Merit, so I’ve achieved victory.



10-12-2017 01:21:42 UTC

against I refuse this win because the Combo rule states:

“If any actions require a die roll or other random event that is visible to the public, Tesserers must make those rolls before posting the combo with a note stating which step the roll is for and what action they are taking and the title of their Combo. Tesserers may not make multiple rolls in the GNDT for the same step. Tesserers cannot have two or more rolls in the GNDT with Combo titles that are different unless all but one of the Combo titles have been posted and include that roll.”

Considering you should have rolled the dice every time the instability went over 5, your combos are not valid and so could not have taken effect on the gamestate. To do what you intended to do would have required hundreds of thousands of dice rolls.


10-12-2017 01:27:04 UTC

I don’t see where I’d need to use dicerolls for instability, because the sentence “The orientation of the tesseract is set as determined by a DICE8 roll in the GNDT, where 1 is North, 2 is South, 3 is East, 4 is West, 5 is Up, 6 is Down, 7 is Ana, and 8 is Kata.” is separate from the previous one, there is no explicit link between the two.

It’s not “The orientation of the tesseract isthen set as determined by a DICE8”, it just says that it is, without the “then”.


10-12-2017 01:31:06 UTC

I’m not against the core idea but you could have done it without combos since all you had to do to win was get 26 power and 3 wisdom.


10-12-2017 01:35:21 UTC

I disagree. I think it’s clear from the rules that the tesseract should be reorientated following its return to 0 instability, and this is what has been done several times already without anyone objecting to it.


10-12-2017 17:47:37 UTC

Even if the Tesseract doesn’t get reoriented when instability returns to zero, its orientation was East; wouldn’t this destroy your all fire shards within the body of “[Combo] Loop” whenever you hit 5?


10-12-2017 17:49:55 UTC

Oh I see, it started out as Down and only became East at the end.


10-12-2017 17:55:31 UTC

(With the previous comment only applying if the Tesseract doesn’t get reoriented.)

I think that the original proposal for the ruletext in question[1] makes it clear that the intent was to reorient whenever it becomes unstable. Otherwise that proposal had no effect.



10-12-2017 18:15:29 UTC

FWIW, by my count you only needed to do the loop with 3 Heat spells 12 times, to get to 14+24=38 power and 76 wisdom; the instability needed to roll over 7 times to win, with a (3/4)^7 ~ 13% chance of not getting your shards destroyed in the process. Not completely insignificant. Could we maybe agree to a post-hoc 7DICE8 giving the win to Cuddlebeam with no 3s or 4s, and Diabecko otherwise?

An instable tesseract is a subtle thing. One never knows which way it may turn.
—Q. Turly,  Eleventh Corner


10-12-2017 18:33:32 UTC