Monday, May 14, 2018

Proposal: Cunning Hunters

Reached quorum 6 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 15 May 2018 08:50:33 UTC

Add to the rule “Positions”:

The Sailor holding the Position of Captain may specify a Sailor or no Sailor to be “The Expert” by making a blog post announcing that he is doing so. By default, the Expert is no Sailor.

At any time a sailor who is The Expert may specify in a private message to the narrator a creature with an uncommonness of between 0 and 10, or no creature, as their Quarry. Sailor’s Quarries are tracked privately by the Narrator, and default to creatures with uncommonness 0. A sailor may request the Narrator to inform them of their current quarry via PM and shall receive an accurate answer via PM

In “The Passenger’s Log” change:

a creature with a uncommonness of 2DICE10-10 shall be in the area


a creature with a uncommonness of 2DICE10-10 + (the Expert’s Lore) shall be in the area. If the uncommonness of the creature would be over 10, the Expert’s quarry shall be in the area instead.


Ship Ahoy! Have ye seen the White Whale?



05-14-2018 13:53:34 UTC

Duplicate “may”:

A sailor may may request the Narrator to inform them of their current quarry [...]

And IMO Expert should be a position (like First Mate, Harpooner…).


05-14-2018 14:04:29 UTC

Thank you for the may may.

I thought about making the Expert a position, but we have sailors timing out, and we are already strained to fill our ship.

Additionally, in the source material Ahab functions as his own Expert.

I’m thinking about a system where you hold both a position and a role. Positions are mates, captains, and artisans, while roles are harpooners, lookouts, rowers, and possibly the expert.


05-14-2018 15:25:27 UTC



05-14-2018 15:44:22 UTC



05-14-2018 16:47:36 UTC

I think having the Expert as a Position (“Navigator”?) would be more interesting for the game, as it wouldn’t just be the Captain picking the “best” value from all available Lores every time - it would be a conscious balance against other concerns for the ship, and give the Captain some room to bluff.

(If we want room for an Ahab, we could say that in the absence of a Navigator the Captain uses their own Lore.)


05-14-2018 17:16:03 UTC



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05-15-2018 03:04:20 UTC

imperial I take objection to the idea that we have insufficient valuable positions already.


05-15-2018 03:04:35 UTC

* sufficient.