Saturday, March 10, 2007

Customizing the Look.

So, I’ve got a picture I like here:, and the colors look pretty good, though I’m open to suggestions and changes if people have them.


Elias IX:

03-10-2007 21:31:15 UTC

Do you want to use this picture’s colors for the main page color scheme as well?


03-10-2007 21:39:28 UTC

Actually…yea, that’d work good.


03-10-2007 21:53:05 UTC

Hey, if you’ve got some time, look for a replacement for the VETO icon, which is still the “Persistence of Memory” thingy from the Time Travel Dynasty.


03-10-2007 22:00:56 UTC

Right-o, I’ll start lookin’


03-10-2007 22:02:58 UTC

How about just the circle part of this:

Elias IX:

03-10-2007 22:06:10 UTC

Do you want orange on black, or another color scheme?

Elias IX:

03-10-2007 22:06:43 UTC

Wait, is this is for the veto icon or the header?


03-10-2007 22:18:37 UTC

That picture would be for the veto icon?  I thought about using it as the header, but it’s sooooo bright, I dunno if I could take a theme based on those colors :P.

Elias IX:

03-10-2007 22:31:58 UTC

I think it will work well for the header, if I change the hue a bit. What do you think of it now?


03-10-2007 22:55:37 UTC

nice, now to come up with a button…