Monday, April 30, 2012

Cycle 13 Resolution and Directions

Cpt_Koen influences the Council with 7 Credits, the Reactor with 5 Credits and the Mob with 2 Credits, and now has 15 Credits and 12 Power
Clucky now has 52 Credits
Josh influences the Slave Pits with 1 Marine and and the Courthouse with 4 Credits and now has 62 Credits, 3 Marines and 6 Power
Kevan influences the Mine with 1 Marine and 12 Credits and now has 49 Credits, 0 Marines, and 15 Power
Patrick influences the the Legion with 10 Credits and now has 25 Credits and 1 Marine
Yonah influences the Black market with 1 Marine and 2 Credits and 96189 Pygmalion with 7 Credits and now has 38 Credits and 3 Marines
Galatea influences the Bank with 24 Credits and the Rebels with 5 Credits and now has 26 Credits, 1 Marine, and 1 Power

From the Watchtower:


Josh: HE/HIM

04-30-2012 06:53:47 UTC

Again, the Slave Pits can’t have credits allocated to it - I still win it, I think, but I save the credit in doing so.


04-30-2012 07:03:10 UTC

Ah, yes, fixing.


04-30-2012 14:07:03 UTC

Don’t tell me I forgot to Hit a Player…


04-30-2012 14:32:09 UTC

Well…. I won’t *tell* you that!

Clucky: HE/HIM

04-30-2012 16:44:34 UTC

Why didn’t I win the watchtower? It was still powered due to a flaw in the reactor (it gets disconnected ‘during the next cycle’ and disconnected is different than unpowered. So it was Disconnected this cycle, and is now unpowered). Its an interested question as to wheater or not its still disconnected


04-30-2012 17:22:08 UTC

Clucky, the watchtower was disconnected during the entire last cycle, including the part where “When a new Cycle begins, any Institution which is not Disconnected become Powered, and all other Institutions become Unpowered.”

Clucky: HE/HIM

05-01-2012 00:32:45 UTC

yeah, but it gets disconnected at some point during the next cycle, it was not disconnected at the start of the cycle. Plus it wasn’t started until 10 minutes to go, and I even pointed out that it was still powered and you didn’t disagree. Hence the CfJ

Kevan: HE/HIM

05-01-2012 16:40:17 UTC

Not sure if Josh gained a Credit he shouldn’t have for his Public bid - the GNDT says he gained 12 (and that he’s on 60, not 62), but he only bid for 11 Institutions, discounting the Public.

Kevan: HE/HIM

05-01-2012 16:40:33 UTC

(The Public being Unpowered.)


05-01-2012 19:33:22 UTC

I had Josh down for directing at 11.


05-01-2012 19:35:15 UTC

But miscalculated his total. Fixing.


05-02-2012 23:36:15 UTC

Did you ignore the 3 Credits from Clucky to the Slave Pits?