Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cycle 8 Resolution

Cpt_Koen influences the Courthouse with 2 Credits, the Reactor with 6 Credits (Disconnecting the Mob), and the Rebels with 1 Marine and 1 Credit, and now has 13 Credits, 4 Power, and 2 Marines, 3 Councilmen, and may send the Net a message containing a list of institutions, each with a Player whose Direction will be ignored for that institution this Cycle
Kevan now has 36 Credits
Murphy influences the Mine with 1 Marine and now has 16 Credits, 0 Marines, and 5 Power
Patrick influences the Council with 10 Credits and the Legion with 9 Credits, and now has 28 Credits, 1 Marine, 7 Power and 1 Councilmen
Yonah influences the Bank with 6 Credits and now has 29 Credits

The Slave Pits, Public, Rebels, 9689 Pymalion, and Mob were Powered but not influenced. The Slave Pits was also Powered but not directed at.



04-15-2012 01:39:41 UTC

How did Kevan lose 9 Credits without Influencing any Institution?


04-15-2012 01:44:13 UTC

Haha whoops wrong way fixed.


04-15-2012 01:44:39 UTC

Also, evidently nobody directed credits at the bank besides me? Huh.


04-15-2012 01:46:17 UTC

@Yonah, fixed


04-15-2012 01:50:27 UTC

I had 14 Credits, I Influenced three Institutions for 2+6+1=9 credits, that’s 5 Credits left, plus 1 for the Rebels and 5 for the Reactor, so I should have 11 Credits and not 7?

Clucky: HE/HIM

04-15-2012 03:15:15 UTC

In other news I can’t add <_<


04-15-2012 03:30:40 UTC

@Koen, I have recalculated your Credits, you should have 13

Josh: HE/HIM

04-15-2012 07:04:14 UTC

Did I not send in any orders? I could have sworn I did.


04-15-2012 12:30:39 UTC

I’m sorry Josh, I have double check through, and I received no directions for you this cycle.


04-15-2012 15:06:59 UTC

@southpointingchariot I have no idea how you get to 13 but I won’t argue against ;)

Just to be sure, the Mob will stay disconnected/powered until the 18th, then connected/unpowered until the 21st?


04-15-2012 15:18:05 UTC

The mob will be disconnected during through the end of this cycle, but will be connected and powered on 0001 UTC on the 18th.


04-15-2012 15:32:32 UTC

“When a Player influences the Reactor, the Institution they nominated is Disconnected during the next Cycle.”
“When a new Cycle begins, any Institution which is not Disconnected become Powered, and all other Institutions become Unpowered.”

Since the resolution occurs before the next cycle begins, I Influenced the Reactor during Cycle 8, so the Mob should be Disconnected during cycle 9.
Then when cycle 10 begins, every Institution which is not Disconnected will become Powered, and the Mob will become Unpowered.


04-15-2012 15:34:27 UTC

Additionally I think the Bonus for the Rebels should be 0.


04-15-2012 18:09:13 UTC

[Koen] Due to your influence, the Reactor is Disconnected during cycle 9. Thus, when cycle 9’s initialization is carried out, every institution except the Mob becomes Powered, and the Mob, which is disconnected, becomes Unpowered.


04-15-2012 18:28:22 UTC

Oh, right. I didn’t realize the disconnection and the unpowering were simultaneous.

Kevan: HE/HIM

04-15-2012 19:18:15 UTC

If nobody influenced the Watchtower, you need to tell us “the Resources that each Player directed to any Institutions that they failed to Influence”.


04-15-2012 23:17:07 UTC

Ooh, good catch. Although the Watchtower was unpowered, that does not affect the wording of the relevant rules.


04-16-2012 16:10:56 UTC

Wait a minute, why did nobody influence the Black Market. The watchtower report shows as if no one directed at it, when I’m almost certain that I did.

Kevan: HE/HIM

04-16-2012 16:16:08 UTC

[Yonah] Nobody influenced the Black Market because it was Unpowered last Cycle, but you’re right, I think the directions should still have been made and recorded.


04-16-2012 19:47:04 UTC

Kevan, good point. Though I believe Yonah was the only person to still direct at it - my mistake.


04-17-2012 02:25:12 UTC

Actually, looking back, I think I noticed that it was unpowered and changed my direction right before I sent it to you.