Saturday, December 04, 2010

Proposal: Cycle of Life


Adminned at 04 Dec 2010 18:12:34 UTC

Every Monday at 0:01 UTC, if there exist less than half of Quorum mortals, randomly choose an integer between 1 and 10, inclusive. Then create a new Child mortal with any unused name [choice of the Divinity who creates it] and vulnerability according to this table:
1-2 Ephemeral
3-4 Material
5-6 Domestic
7 Ephemeral and Material
8 Ephemeral and Domestic
9 Material and Domestic
10 Create two mortals instead, by the same process.
Every Wednesday at 0:01 UTC, if there exist any Child mortals, choose a random Child mortal. That mortal becomes an Adult.
Every Friday at 0:01 UTC, if there exist any Adult mortals, choose a random Adult mortal. That mortal becomes Dead.

Automatic mortal creation and destruction.  Hopefully this works. Since this is my first proposal, if you vote nay please explain what you think is wrong with the proposal for my education.



04-12-2010 13:30:52 UTC

Ooh, I just made my first (legal) proposal, too.  I like this idea.

I have two questions:

- For “half of Quorum mortals,” are Dead mortals counted?  Or only Children and Adults?  If the latter is true, then this seems like a nice way of cycling new mortals into life and old mortals out.  But if the former is true, it seems that this rule will quickly create a necrotocracy.  Which could be interesting, I’ll admit.  We haven’t yet come up with many things for Dead mortals to do, but we certainly could…

- Which Divinity gets to create the new Child?

If these two issues are cleared up, I will vote in favor—but will then ask for an amendment permitting infant mortality.  It seems unfair and unrealistic to say that only Adults can die.


04-12-2010 13:45:35 UTC

Thelas, it looks like most proposal posts begin in the following way:

“Add a new subrule to the rule entitled ‘Mortals,’ entitled Cycle of Life:”

And then the rest of your post would be inside a blockquote.  I don’t know if your failure to do this invalidates the proposal, or makes it unclear how that proposal would fit into the ruleset.  I suppose if this is an issue, a simple fix would be to create a follow-up proposal stating where this rule (if it passes) would fit.


04-12-2010 13:54:59 UTC

I intend to only count Children and Adults, though my proposal will probably fail because I didn’t say that, and it’s just whoever first gets here… and has wiki access, I suppose.


04-12-2010 14:02:21 UTC

for - Either way, we can fix these other issues once/ if your proposal passes.  I like it.

Kevan: he/him

04-12-2010 14:04:18 UTC

against “At time X, a thing happens” is problematic - it means that the gamestate sits around in an undocumented state until someone updates it. And if everyone forgets to process the automatic Adult-Death effect one week, and we don’t realise until three weeks later, we end up in a retroactive mess.

It’s safer and clearer to word these things as “at any time on a Friday, a Divinity may make a thing happen, unless another Divinity has already done so on that day”.


04-12-2010 14:05:24 UTC

against self-kill. I’ll make a revised proposal in a bit.

Kevan: he/him

04-12-2010 14:07:59 UTC

And yes, you need to specifically enact a new rule with this text, rather than just having it as a proposal effect; as it stands, I think this would be read as an “update the gamestate” proposal that took an infinite amount of time to enact.

Basic idea is fine, anyway, and I particularly like the Vulnerability table; would support it with the above changes.


04-12-2010 14:08:31 UTC

Go for it.  I like what this will add to the game—though I do think infant mortality should not be overlooked.