Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Proposal: Daisy, Daisy

Adminned at 19 Feb 2015 20:57:28 UTC

To the rule “System Failure”, add:-

If three or more Systems are Catastrophic, then the Ship’s hatches and airlocks begin to malfunction, and the Computer should - if it has not done so in the previous 48 hours - Fnord the Marks as if a Proposal had just passed which included such a phrase.

Then replace “Fnord” with “Flush” throughout that rule.

Times out and passes 6-2. Enacted by Brendan.



17-02-2015 19:38:14 UTC


Nice touch with the Fnord.

Josh: he/they

17-02-2015 20:03:01 UTC

against Why would anybody vote for this


17-02-2015 20:19:31 UTC

Says the person who said, “I’m not interested in personal victory, I’m interested in how people respond to the situation in which they find themselves and how that exhibits itself in terms of mechanical interactions.”  for

Josh: he/they

17-02-2015 20:21:58 UTC

Well sure, but deaths every 92 hours on average feels a bit too exciting for me.


17-02-2015 21:20:48 UTC


Darknight: he/him

17-02-2015 21:37:20 UTC



17-02-2015 21:56:51 UTC

Really not sure what I think about this.

We can expect that the three-critical-systems situation is going to happen – with the rules as they are at the moment, it’s unlikely that mission are actually going to pass – but probably not for over a week. So Marking would end up quite close to Trials in nature (if three systems are critical, most likely that’ll mean that the queue will be stuck, there’ll thus be no way to heal an injured crewmember via MD1C). The differences are that even Disabled players would have an influence, and that M4RK subroutines (which would still work even with a stalled queue) would also have an influence. In other words, we’d be Disabling people via a (partially) secret ballot.

There’s also the fact that it’s possible to prevent marking having any effect. (Just look at the state of the GNDT right now; the plan seems to be for everyone to mark ayesdeeef, who is already Disabled, in order to prevent markbombs having an effect.) Thus, there still wouldn’t be any actual Injurings/Disablings going on unless people wanted them.

So in other words, this is basically producing a 48hourly grind mechanism, something I highly dislike, to produce an effectively functioning Trial system, something I do like.

Staying out of things for now.


17-02-2015 23:06:08 UTC

Marks are buggy right now - Disabled players can have them, but they don’t count.


18-02-2015 00:09:21 UTC

Oh, and marks from Injured players don’t count either, but M4RKs from Injured players do (as do M4RKs from Disabled players that were submitted before they became Disabled). Wow that’s a mess.

I need to think about this proposal some more.


18-02-2015 15:16:01 UTC



19-02-2015 18:15:12 UTC

for to keep the queue moving.