Thursday, July 09, 2009

Proposal: Dance Baby Dance Part 2

Veto of a S/K - yuri_dragon_17

Adminned at 10 Jul 2009 07:18:09 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Dance Baby Dance” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Amend the text of the rule “Dance the Night Away” to read as follows:

As a weekly action, any Tourist may attend a Caribbean dance and dinner.The tourist attending shall roll DICE4 in the GNDT with a comment of “Dancing”. Match the number that is received in the GDNT DICE roll to the number in the table below:

  1 - The Tourist sprains their ankle. Increase the Tourist’s stress by 2, and reduce their tourism by 1, as they cannot tour the island.

  2 - The Tourist meets a local, who offers to give the Tourist a walk around the island. The Tourist’s tourism is increased by 2, and their money is reduced by $10.

  3 - The Tourist meets a local, who shows the Tourist a special tanning spot. Increase the Tourist’s Tan by 2, and their money by $5.

  4 - The Tourist passes out drunk from Caribbean rum. Increase the Tourist’s stress by 2, and reduce their money by $5. The money is removed to pay for the Tourist’s drinks.

Pretty sure I got it right this time…



09-07-2009 19:20:32 UTC


arthexis: he/him

09-07-2009 20:01:20 UTC

against I don’t like point #3, there are lots of things that increase your tan already. Also, point #2 is wrong (because if you have no money, you get tourism for free).


09-07-2009 22:25:37 UTC


S/K, typo in pt. 3


10-07-2009 02:46:57 UTC

AGAINST this “Caribbean dance” thing sounds like hula, which is Hawaiian, which is Pacific, not Caribbean.


10-07-2009 06:03:43 UTC

Darth Cliche you are not active! Lol

redtara: they/them

10-07-2009 14:11:39 UTC

veto Self kill
DC is just giving his opinion. Note there is no icon in his comment