Sunday, June 14, 2009

Call for Judgment: Darth Cliché is still OUT

Fails 3-9. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 14 Jun 2009 18:58:38 UTC

Darth Cliche wen Out on the 12th, which is four weeks ago.

According to Rule 2.1 (In or Out), “If a Contestant remains Out for more than a week they lose 1 fame per week that they remain Out.”  We have not been tracking this.

Darth Cliché‘s Fame at the time he tried to bribe his way back in should have been 2, rather than 5.  As a result, he should not have been able to bribe his way back in

Make Darth Cliche an Outsider
Revert any actions Darth Cliche has attempted as an Insider since June 13th at 16:11 that he could not have taken as an Outsider
Set Darth Cliche’s Fame to 2
Set Darth Cliche’s Looks to 5
Reduce Qwazukee’s fame by 1 (to offset the Fame he gained as the bribe target
Darth Cliche is still eligible to become an Insider under Rule 2.20 later this dynasty



06-14-2009 06:18:35 UTC


Darknight: HE/HIM

06-14-2009 08:25:27 UTC



06-14-2009 09:42:59 UTC

for Nice catch.


06-14-2009 12:42:50 UTC

against , because Bucky is incorrect. May 12th was in the last Dynasty, for heaven’s sake.

According to the GNDT, Darth Cliche became Out on June 1.

It had been less than 2 weeks but more than 1 week since Darth Cliche had become an Outsider when he posted his Bribe. Thus, he should have lost 1 of his 4 Fame, leaving him with 3 Fame.

He gained 2 Fame by Running the Late Night Circuit, leaving him with 5 Fame, which is enough to bring himself back Inside.

To repeat,  against

Ienpw III:

06-14-2009 13:20:00 UTC

against Qwazukee is correct.


06-14-2009 13:51:34 UTC

against  per Qwaz. Also, my name does not contain a diacritic.


06-14-2009 15:40:41 UTC



06-14-2009 15:55:22 UTC



06-14-2009 17:38:22 UTC

CoV,  against , and we REALLY need to clean the GNDT log.


06-14-2009 19:22:42 UTC



06-14-2009 19:36:01 UTC

against as the CFJ is based on incorrect information. And please save a copy of the GNDT log before cleaning it, there’s interesting historical data there.


06-14-2009 20:39:20 UTC

against Wait… so the GNDT log info is lying?? Wow… we should look into that… does anyone other than keven know how to clear the log? Interesting…


06-14-2009 21:34:34 UTC

The log info is not lying, Bucky was simply confused. No question that the GNDT needs to be reset soon, however, once it is logged (or at least, once we can figure out where the log is, if there is a permanent one somewhere else).


06-14-2009 23:44:32 UTC

for err against