Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Story Post: [DDA] BLO Relic Available

Posted here because DC hilariously enacted our noticeboard. I am willing to give the BLO relic to arthexis if he has the GNO and MIC relics already in his possession. Other offers will also be considered.



01-14-2009 02:10:05 UTC

Wakukee and Darth Cliche have apparently worked out some corrupt deal to try to get back the BLO relic. My situation has not changed. Long live the DDA!


01-14-2009 03:25:05 UTC

I shot myself with the last bullet in the gun.


01-14-2009 04:08:15 UTC

oooh give it to me! :D


01-14-2009 04:12:49 UTC

You did not, you have to make a story post.


01-14-2009 04:18:35 UTC

I give the relic to arthexis.