Monday, May 22, 2006

Proposal: Dead monks tell no tales

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Failed by Hix

Adminned at 24 May 2006 09:41:40 UTC

Create a rule entitled “Dead Monks” containing the following text…

Monks whose station is heaven, hell, or any location or station that is defined as post-mortem are considered Dead. Dead status wil be inditcated in the GNDT with a column called “Status” and the value “Dead” for Dead. Monks that are not dead are considered Alive, as indicated by “Alive” in the GNDT. Dead monks may not create any posts aside from proposals and story posts. They may comment upon proposal, CFJ, or any other posts requiring a vote, and then only with for against and imperial. All new monks are considered “Alive”.

Set all current monks Status to Alive




22-05-2006 14:54:14 UTC


With just 11 active monks (and sometimes fewer), I think any rule that discourages participation is a bad idea.


22-05-2006 16:07:27 UTC

11 is average for the endgame of a dynasty. But if we enact this, we should be sure to have a victory condition too.


22-05-2006 17:41:13 UTC

What.. no appearing in dreams?  No going idle?


against  against  against  against  against  against  against  against  against  against  against  against  against


22-05-2006 18:06:24 UTC

against Yeah, no Monk should arbitrarily be denied the opportunity to make a Call for Judgement, or to voice eir opinion on a CfJ (although it’s pretty hard to enforce the “may not comment” part of this proposed rule)


22-05-2006 19:56:20 UTC



22-05-2006 21:01:55 UTC

Also so many proposals contain “comment containing” type switches that this effectively limits the power of the dead to vote meaningfully.


23-05-2006 17:20:04 UTC

against Anyone should be able to make CFJs


23-05-2006 18:37:07 UTC

Alright, that proposal sucked. That’s what I get for writing write before I go lie down. Anyways, I’m trying to specify what dead people could do. As in, they could tell people who killed them and so forth. I’m all for spirits being able to move things or whatever, it’s just that right now dead monks would merely reside in the abbot like normal and hold the station Heaven or Hell